Cool Chick Susan V ‘Almost Violent’ Islamist Self-Confessed Fanatics!

, Susan Jasmine Zulkifli

She’s the district leader in South Jakarta whose appointment has provoked strident protests from Islamist bigots, PURELY because she’s a Christian!

I’ve already published two posts supporting this lady, but since I saw this photo in Tempo, I decided she deserves one more hurrah – any girl who’s being hard done by always stirs my indignation!

She says she just wants to get on with her job and be judged on her merits.

I think she’s a cool chick!

So here it is!


Firstly, there was more to that demo yesterday than I knew about when I posted.

Not that I got anything wrong (a very rare occurrence here) but in fact the rabble were worse than I described.

The Jakarta Post tells us that when Susan naturally declined to have their unpleasant symbol, a coffin, brought into her office, the hooligans  ‘almost turned violent.’

Ain’t that typical?

These infantile ignoramuses just couldn’t keep their tantrum-levels under control! They’d had their laughable ‘long march,’ made their point, but just HAD to be personally obnoxious into the bargain!
Police personnel, however, managed to prevent the protesters from gaining access to the office.

And as I suggested might be the case, it was very much a non-local protest.

“Long bus journey home, lads.  Hands up for bacon butties take-aways?”


  • Syamsuddin said the majority of Lenteng Agung residents had no problem with Susan and that many of the protesters were not even Lenteng Agung residents.

Somewhat sadly, I must report that Hizonna added that while older residents are happy with the job Susan’s doing,  the youngsters seem to be resistant.

Over 200 cops had to turn out, to make sure that savages didn’t run amok,  and tremendous traffic problens were caused.


But equally as interesting as the JP’s news report was the background piece in Tempo, which gave a local Islamic leader the chance to air his views.

His name’s Suhandi and he’s Chairman of the local mosque, Masjid AsSiddiqiyah Lanteng Agung

He’s disarmingly honest about the sort of people who want Susan canned.mostly local notables, scholars and  the elderly...most citizens in Lanteng Agung are indeed quite fanatical Muslims. “From way back, they’re kind of fanatical here. Including me. But I ‘m still able to keep up with developments..

Well, at least he’s honest about it, and all the more reason for Governor Jokowi to stand his ground, stick by Susan, and perhaps offer free psychiatric sessions for those notables, clerics and the senescent!


What was it I said yesterday about Dark Age dorks?

PS would all fans and foes please note, my computer is on its last legs. I need to replace it asap, but meantime, please forgive delays, lapses in coherence etc/ Thanks/