Ayo, Wiranto – Only ONE Top Politician Shows Civility to Miss World

Here we are, preparing to enjoy Miss World, and suddenly I said to tonight’s guest – ‘Hey, ain’t that….”‘


Yes, it was, and he’s got a ring-side seat, quite rightly.

Good on ya, General.


Wiranto may be a controversial figure in Indonesian affairs, but at least he’s got manners.


Not one Government Minister showed up for Miss World tonight, he says, and he deplores their discourtesy.

He claimed some had initially accepted invitations then cancelled.

Given how most members of President SBY’s Cabinet show arrant timidity – to put it diplomatically – when Islamist morons crack the whip, this should not surprise anyone, but even so…Javanese in particular take inordinate pride in polite demeanour.

  • But I guess if the FPI are in the driving seat, basic courtesy as well as religous liberty are among the casualaties to be expected.


Impelled by my sighting of the Hanura Party’s leader, I checked out more media online, and he’s making some very valid points.

“Why has the government banned the main event in Bogor?  What is the difference between Bali and other provinces?

Government should be able to ensure security anywhere! If that’s the way of it, don’t blame the world for only knowing Bali as our tourist destination, ” said Wiranto. .




It was rank cowardice that brought the regime to grab back the permits for the West Java section of the international event, a confession by all concerned that-


A  they  can’t guarantee security anywhere except Bali


they are grubbing around for fanatic support among the large bigot population of West Java


miss world rcti


Judging from what we’re seeing on TV tonight, the Balinese Police have done an excellent job, as all is proceeding smoothly.


gkyasmin%20maret%2027%20maret%202011   Yasmin Church, Illegally sealed, but cops only referee between cogregation and the mob


West Java Police? They don’t even have the cojones to enforce a Supreme Court ruling if the IslamoNazis say they shouldn’t!

PS Yes, I know that Hari, organiser of the event, is his vice-presidential running mate, but that detracts in no way from the points above.