Islamist Minister Urges Appeasement – Hands Off Susan!

, Susan Jasmine Zulkifli, the district leader in South Jakarta whose appointment has affronted self-confessed fanatics, PURELY because she’s a Christian!

The rancid intolerance entrenched at the highest levels here was rarely better shown up than in yesterday’s sectarian outburst by the Minister with responsibility for Home Affairs, Gamawan Fawzi, for Susan to be transferred from her district admin post in order to placate the jihadist bigots of Lenteng Agung.


“The governor didn’t do anything wrong or violate any law” by appointing Susan as the ward chief of Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta, Gamawan told Liputan 6 News on Wednesday. “But it would be wiser if Susan were placed in a non-Muslim [community], so people’s aspirations could be fulfilled and the governor could still have Susan as an urban ward chief.”


gamawan-fauzi- Gamawan Fawzi


People’s aspirations? That rabble we saw on the news? A few hundred fanatics – I’d barely rate them as ‘people,’ more like throw-backs, the sort who practice polygamy and contemplate with equanimity the circumcision of their daughters – Savages.


hok ahok


Every decent Indonesian of every creed will surely have applauded Jakarta’s Deputy Governor Basuki when he told this shariah-freak to go back to school and learn the constitution.

“I think the minister needs to learn the constitution,” Basuki said. “This is a country [that upholds the state ideology of] Pancasila. Public officers are not appointed based on who rejects or accepts them.”


Fawzi’s own record in local government is ine of sexist drivel diktat.


When Gamawan was elected West Sumatra governor in 2005, an outcry greeted his bylaw on a 9 p.m. curfew for women unless they were accompanied by a male relative. Passed in a bid to curb prostitution, a number of female university students and workers were arrested when they returned from campus or workplaces in the evening.

And what else could we expect from adherents of shariah?

Enough is enough!

Leave that gal alone!