Who Are These Inuit Who Usurp Their People’s Voice?

Interesting piece in Spiked.com today!

  • Can any of our Canadian readers shed light on these characters, Kiera Kolson and Besha Blondin, who are described by the organisation as ‘First Nation people’ from the Northwest Territories in Canada.


My question is  – who elected them to represent the Inuit?

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The organisation, of course, is Greenpeace, who don’t care much for democratic practice or principles, forever trying to obstruct whatever they don’t like by ‘civil disobedience’ rather than legitimate electoral campaigning.




‘My land is not for sale’, said Kolson, who called on the Queen to honour the treaties between the Crown and the First Nation people, which apparently might protect the Arctic from the evil oil company.

But Kolson’s…appeals for feudal institutions to prevent the development of the Arctic face a number of problems.

Kolson – Who does she think she is?

Kolson, an artist rather than a politician, doesn’t appear to have any qualification to speak on behalf of anybody, much less a people whose lives would be hard indeed were it not for the fossil fuels that heat their homes and power the planes, ships and trucks that bring supplies from warmer climes….

And as for ‘Besha Blondin,’ I could find nothing whatsoever on her purported ‘representative’ role!

Who the heck is she?

The author of the Spiked.com piece makes the point that  unemployment among aboriginal Canadians is 25 per cent, and their income is half the average.

I read on to learn that Greenpeace’s instrumental use of poor people’s victim status was dismissed by the Inuit Circumpolar Council in May.

‘We collectively reject Greenpeace’s questionable use of the Indigenous voice as a front for its own campaign’, said the council in a press release. ‘Like everyone else, we do need and want jobs, employment, income security, training, education, improved health, better housing, and other downstream benefits and opportunities for our communities and families.’  http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/greenpeace_talking_out_of_a_polar_bears_arse/14070#.UkbXOVNP-ho

CanadaFlagGirl01  I prefer my Eskimos to look like this!


Makes sense to me!