Hey, Islamophobes! Here’s Your New Secret Weapon – Say ‘Good Morning!’

If somebody says Salaam Aleikum to me, I respond politely. ‘Peace be unto you?’ That surely merits ‘And unto you too,’ in my tolerant opinion.

But rarely do ordinary Indonesians offer such Arabic salutes, except in mosques, of course, and other formal settings! When Muslim meets Muslim, it’s more likely, naturally, but if you walk into a shop or a bank or places like that, no normal Muslim gives a toss if you say Selamat Pagi, or Selamat Siang, or Selamat Malam, good morning, good day, good evening. They will have said the same to most customers, as it’s their language, and they use it freely. Of course.

But the Islamic greeting?

“Now even that usual greeting given in Lenteng has changed, ” shouted one demonstrator, Haji Ruslan  on Wednesday ( 09/25/2013 )




Ruslan explained, in a fiery speech, In front of demonstrators composed of men dressed in Muslim gear and scarfed women,, that the greeting has now been replaced by “selamat pagi , good morning and  bonjour. ” Ruslan explained  that those were the words Susan used when meeting people . He expressed concern about the greeting.

Wow – a Francophone oasis in Jakarta?.

” It can interfere with faith.” .

One might assume Ruslan is mentally ill, although since our previous report had the local mosque man admitting that he and many of his fellow-ciiizens were, in his own words, ‘fanatics,’ —–


The detik.com piece concludes by noting that Susan is a diligent public servant (obviously VERY diligent, if she’s got them all talking French within a few months of her appointment!) who cares for her people and wonders why these demos are being organised. http://news.detik.com/read/2013/09/25/101722/2368641/10/pendemo-lurah-susan-ucapan-salam-di-lenteng-agung-jadi-good-morning

The answer is clear – benighted bozos galore in the vicinity, and, as the South Jakarta Mayor said, from outside the vicinity. The area is next door to Depok, West Java – enough said?

r Susan with some of the ordinary folk she works to help


Islamists go in for that sort of thing. it’s well known that the persecution of the Yasmin Church in Bogor was sustained by bussing in outsider hoodlum elements from GARIS.  And similar reports come out of Bekasi, where the urine-hurling pigs were, likely as not, from far away.

Local Lenteng Muslims are certainly not monchromatic, as the photo of Susan with fans (above) suggests.

But the Jakarta Globe’s translation of what went down is also worth reporting,. on Susan’s dangerous salutation.

“This can disturb Islamic teaching,” Ruslan said, but did not explain how.

Because he couldn’t.

Neither a person’s faith nor religious teachings could be weakened by the way people say ‘hi’ when they pass in the street – unless there’s something far wrong with

A the religion


B  the person.

In this case, I’d opt for the latter.

Ruslan wins this month’s prize for moronic sectarianism.