Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’re Roma or French!”


The arrogance of those supranational, super-condescending commissars in Brussels is ong overdue for a put-down, and one hopes the French are proud enough to deliver it

Last week  France’s interior minister, Manuel Valls, said that his country does not exist “to welcome these populations.” He said the Roma should return to their home countries to assimilate there instead.




Bon!   That’s what every civilised nation should say when Roma come sleazing in.

This sound sense was a follow-up to previous accurate observations on M Vails’ part, notably “these populations have lifestyles that are very different from ours, and are clearly in confrontation [with the French way of life].”


But at once the EUSSR lashed out, to remind French people that Brussels, not Paris, nowadays decrees who has rights in France and who does not.


aviv Commissar Reding

Commissar Viviane Reding descended from her exalted edifice to warn French politicians that she, not they, would determine what issues might be put before their electorate. “There’s an election in the air in France. Every time they don’t want to talk about important things like the budget or debts, they find the Roma,” she said.

FIND the Roma?

You can hardly walk round many French urban areas without tripping over dirty Roma beggars. Or FINDING their thieving hands in your pockets!

And her Comrade Commissar Oliver Bailly yelped along in the same vein, just in case anyone in France thought that La Republique’s first duty is to its own citizens and not a flood of sponging crimmigrants.


Bailly said the free movement of European citizens and the freedom to choose one’s country of residence in the EU is a fundamental right. “It doesn’t matter if you are Roma or French,” he said.

Nor will it matter in a few more months whether you are Roma or British, thanks to Cameron’s cowardice.

  • The Roma invasion is just one of many horrors that Cameron won’t block – ever dazzled by the majesty of that wondrous European Dream, he and his sad little side-kick Theresa May only wring their hands and say we cannot stop these wasters.
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  • The British people’s message to them, to Cast-Iron and his cronies AND to the Roma riff-raff – should be simple .

OUT with the KNAVES!