Bekasi’s Islamist Regime – ‘We Won’t Allow Religious Liberty If Bigot Thugs Object!’

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IslamoNazi Savage Snarls at Christian Pastor


There’s a certain grisly consistency about thug gangs like the IslamoNazi FPI and their kindred spirits in the FUI. They are Islamists and ipso facto are going to be hostile to things the rest of us take as given in a decent society, like allowing folks to worship as they wish, like treating women as the equals of men in terms of –

A how many spouses they’re permitted,

B what share of a parental inheritance they’re entitled to and

C how much skin ( or hair!) they may display in public. 


Shariah freaks live by different standards from civilised people.


So when they rant and rail and run amok to stop other people enjoying constitutional rights, yes, they’re repulsive ratbags, but, as I say, at least they are being consistent with their own standards, such as those are.

But Tempo recently did us all a service by exposing the nauseating bigot regime of Bekasi, West java, once more warring down religious liberty but not  admitting it’s because they dislike Christians, claiming instead it’s because they’re scared of IslamoNazi scum-thugs.

The confession by a senior Bekasi local government apparatchik came out in the course of a report on the HKBP Filadelfia Church, one of several victimised by the jihadists in power there, vicious fanatics like the Regent, No-Shame Neneng, and the Mayor, Rahmat Effendi.


Neneng two-facedi No-Shame Neneng   and

Rahmat Effendi (with his pal, ex-US Ambassador Scot Marciel)scoteffendi


The Batak congregation’s pastor, Palti Panjaitan, explained that the Bekasi authorities were just plain prevaricating when they claimed his church had no IMB (building permit) 

This is important, for IMBs are a frequent excuse for Islamists to stop Christian worship. So I quote the pastor’s words, as best I can translate them – overseas readers can use their own search engines to check I’m correct, as I append the link.

The Government of Bekasi, West Java, has not implemented the decision of the State Administrative Tribunal ( Administrative Court) which revoked their ban on the HKBP Filadelfia church established in the village of Jejalen Jaya , North Tambun , Bekasi. Their excuse is that the church has not obtained two recommendations from the Forum for Religious Harmony ( FKUB ) and the Office of Religious Affairs of Bekasi. However, the church refutes this.

Pdt. Palti Pastor Palti

“It is routine for this local government always to find a pretext even though they already knew that the argument is wrong,’ said Palti on Tuesday, October 1, … the Administrative Court decided that the regents give permission . And all the excuses put forward (FKUB and Religious Affairs)  have also been tested in the Administrative Court. ” PTUN (the court) would have been stupid if it had ruled for HKBP Filadelfia if it did not have good cause.”



He acknowledged that the church did not get the two recommendations. But that’s because, despite a two-year wait, these recommendations were not issued by FKUB and Religious Affairs!

Overseas readers should understand that these FKUB Forums are in many places a sick joke, run to suit the Islamiss with only contempt for other creeds. If you doubt my words, you can check out this lslamist website
( Chairman of the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) Bekasi, Ustadz Sulaiman Zachawerus  declared that Pastor Palti ,the priest who committed abuses against cleric Abdul Aziz, should be arrested.
Readers will recall that Aziz was recently in court where he admitted threatening to murder Palti.


Sulaiman Bekasi Sulaiman (actually, this guy is a piece of work – I’d not heard of him before, but in a few minutes on the islamist websites, I’m horrified at the man’s regular outbursts, and even more at him being allowed anywhere near a ‘religious harmony’ forum!)


And it is interesting to note that Sulaiman – who, note, is chairman of the Regency’s religious harmony forum, made his call for Palti’s arrest while  attending a Congress of Bekasi Muslims Against Christianisation and Immorality in the Nurul Islam Islamic Centre.


As for the Religious Affairs Office,  all our regular readers know that the Ministry of Religious Affairs, under their current Minister, Suryadharma Ali, aka the ArchBigot of Jakarta, is awash with intolerance. Here’s our photo, again, Ali with the leader of the FPI IslamoNazi thug gang, Rizieq


fpi-menag-4 IslamoNazi Rizieq with his pal, the Minister of Religious Affairs
However, under the law, Palti continued,  if the applicant requesting these recommendations gets no response within 90 working days, then that’s deemed as approved. In other words he had his recommendations, a fact which “has also been tested in the Administrative Court.”


Okay, now let’s turn to the spokesman for Regent No-Shame Neneng – you can check out her shameful record of islamist bigotry by inserting her name into the RRA search box, but make sure you have plenty of time to read about her many horrid antics!)

Tempo asked her underling, Maman Suhardiman, Head of Bekasi Regency’s Division of Development and Legal Aid, to explain their failure to implement the decision of the Administrative Court in Bandung on 30 September 2010 which upheld the congregation’s rights to worship in their church.


The reason is that there is resistance to the planned construction of a church community . ” We do not want physical friction in the community” said Maman to Tempo  on Tuesday, October 1.



PS, Please note I use the word filthy advisedly – not as a term of abuse. How else does one describe people who throw bags of urine etc at women and children going to church.


Poor old Maman also trotted out the IMB excuse again, but since Palti shot that down in flames, Bekasi stands exposed – a shariah cess-pool run by savages!


Incidentally, if you wonder why the police here seem to take such little interest in enforcing court rulings which are not to the taste of islamist ignoramuses, zoom back up to that photo at the top of the page.

 It was taken a few years ago, in Bekasi, a swarm of IslamoNazi hoodlums harassing Christians as usual. The snarling face is that of Murhali Barda, the local FPI Gauleiter.

And here he is again, in friendly embrace with a senior Bekasi cop named Timor Pradopo.


pradopo murhali


Pradopo is currently National Police Chief, Indonesia’s top cop.  He’s due to retire soon, and i can only speculate if his successor will be an improvement.