Sukorejo’s Deadly Mayhem – IslamoNazi Trial Starts Tomorrow

A most tiring outing that, when I went to visit my former colleague – suffice to say I stayed over and didn’t get home till yesterday arvo, but much conversation and a few beers, so time not ill-spent.

It did no harm to get home and content myself with watching Global TV’s anniversary spectacular variety show, which featured many a local artist, including the Trio Macan, though their style had changed – still three beauties but elegant rather than outrageous (think I prefer the  outrageous!) as well as JKT48, who retain their youthful cutie style.


jkt48 JKT 48


Hence today, no wild adventuring,  neglected domestic duties to attend to, so wise, methinks, to go no further than that nice warung for brunch, then return to recharge my batteries for what promises to be a fine outing tomorrow night.

And speaking of tomorrow….


It hardly seems three months ago that those scenes of violence occurred in Sukorejo, when a gang of cowardly Islamist sticky-beaks swept through the little Central Java city, one of their vicious Ramadan raids, and found themselves, for once, facing citizens who refused to bow down to sectarian thuggery.


fpi_noble life martyr deatht Noble Life, or Martyr’s Death – or scuttle off and hide in a mosque


As a result of the mayhem, an innocent woman died, hit by an IslamoNazi car, and the white-shirt scum had to take to their heels, seeking shelter in a mosque, until late at night they scuttled out of town, only brave enough to leave their sanctuary because the police provided an escort.

At the time, the media were alive with calls to ban the FPI, but since…?

All quiet on the jihadist front.


  • fpi-menag-4 IslamoNazi ‘high priest’ Rizieq with ‘Apostasy Ali,’ Minister of Religious Affairs
  • In fact the FPI gang are probably feeling quite full of themselves, having been embraced by a Government Minister- yes, the awful ‘Apostasy Ali,’ at their anniversary rally.

And the Government as a whole, along with the National Police, handed them a triumph, cringed from confrontation, when Miss World’s major stages were banned from anywhere near Jakarta.

Now we see there will be a trial in Semarang, the courts having decided that it wouldn’t be safe to hold the assizes in Sukorejo.




Head of the District Court in Semarang, Gusmo Gunawan,, said the Supreme Court had approved the trial location as Semarang.
Originally , the trial was to
held at Kendal, as the location of the event. However, he said, with security and safety considerations, the venue was changed.

A total of seven suspects, 4 Sukorejo residents and 3 IslamoNazis will go to court tomorrow, October 10, 2013.

Considering the gang of raiders numbered in the dozens, why are only three to face justice, outnumbered by citizens of the community they raided?

No doubt we shall learn over the next few weeks!