Islamist ‘Scholar’ in Racist Rant -“Ahok Anggap Jakarta Ini Sebuah Kota di Cina…”

“Agressivitas dan arogansi Ahok memang agak aneh. Seolah dia anggap Jakarta ini sebuah kota di China, sehingga dia pikir akan melenggang tanpa penentangan…”


Muhammad Al Khathath, Secretary General of FUI


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Ahok, Deputy Governor of Jakarta



  • I was prowling through the search engines, to see what the Nasties were up to, and I must admit, even I was shocked to find such a blatant racist outburst, even though from the blood-thirsty bigot Al Khathath, Secretary General of the FUI, Forum Umat Islam.
  • He’s one of the most fanatical Islamists in the archipelago, a man with a Hizbut Tahrir background who, despite that record, currently  holds a senior position in the state-subsidised MUI, the Indonesian Council of Scholars.
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  • I’ve given you the link, but it’s just a typical turgid rant, Al K irate because Ahok, unlike so many politicians here, says what’s on his mind and doesn’t pull his punches.
  • The current aggro revolves around Ahok’s principled stand on the Lenteng Agung issue, where a bunch of ignoramuses are upset – yes, Al K actually uses that hackneyed cant about ‘hurt Muslim feelings’ – because Governor Jokowi appointed not just a WOMAN but a CHRISTIAN woman – shock horror – to the local district admin chief’s position.
  • No grouse about her competence – except, in another report, which I also stumbled on, a mean-spirited sneer from Al K, who’s evidently as boorish as he’s bigoted.
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  • , Susan Jasmine Zulkifli, the district leader in South Jakarta whose appointment has affronted self-confessed fanatics, PURELY because she’s a Christian!

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  • And of course, so is Ahok, a Christian, that is, and not only that, but CHINESE!
  • And the nasty element tried to use those ‘faults’ against him in the gubernatorial election last year.
  • The dirty tactics backfired, and the Muslim majority citizens voted for clean government with a non-sectarian team in charge, Muslim Jokowi and Christian Ahok.
  • Good for Jakarta’s sensible citizens, of all creeds.
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  • And since then, Ahok has stood up and spoken out, so he’s well detested  by ratbags.
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  • However, lucky for him he’s not a woman too, for chivalry is a sentiment alien to men like Al K, who like their women shrouded. 
  • But let’s just listen to Al K ramble on, and on, and on – on the persecution of Susan.
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  • ” Because this is now a national issue, FUI will help . FUI is ready to help the demo!’
  • He is one bad man, ever ready to call for the killing of innocent people like Alex A’an, that Sumatra atheist who was beaten up by thugs then thrown in jail for expressing his theological opinions on Facebook.
    Bad or not, however, Al K may have jumped the gun on the demo, because he doesn’t know when, where, or probably even if, it is going to happen. Smart chap!
    But that doesn’t deter his arrogance!
    “As governor,” said Al Khaththath , “Jokowi must prove that he really appreciates the aspirations of citizens so that they can evaluate his placement policy in regard to Susan…
    We also deplore the unethical attitude of Ahok towards Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi,”


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    What did Ahok say? Al K tells us in tones of quivering indignation. ‘A very insulting phrase , namely that he study the constitution,” he said .


  • I could think of many MUCH more insulting and accurate epithets appropriate to Gamawan Fawzi than simply to suggest he engages brain before opening gob!
  • The Minister has a track record of shariah bigotry just about as bad as Al K,  so no wonder Al is sticking up for him.
  • Though it could also be a gesture of reconciliation to make up for the mayhem that wrecked a lot of rooms in Gamawan’s Ministry building, when an Islamist rabble from FUI and FPI ran amok a year ago. in any case, Al K’s quintessential sectarian hate soon tumbles out, an unequivocal explanation of why Susan is ‘disproportionate.’ He asserts that “this is reflected in the difference between the beliefs of the majority of citizens in Lenteng Agung and the district head (Susan)However, that’s par for the course with his sort, BUT….he’s a boor to boot.“Let Susan be switched to a more suitable location. If no such location can be found, that means she’s not fit to be a district head…”

    And what of the IslamoNazis here, unfit to tie the shoe-laces of somebody who lives a decent life, doesn’t spend her time causing ill-feeling and mayhem, and works hard, too busy to demand death for innocent people whose beliefs don’t match her own.

  • And what of Al K, who stoops to a racist slur against an honest man?