Two Tots Murdered – Cue for More UK Embassy Sob-Sister Refrains?

Scarcely a day goes by without some ghastly crime in the headlines, but few of us who watched the local news last night could have been unmoved by the report from Semarang,

Two little children brutally murdered, their nanny raped and battered, but, thanks be, the cops have quickly caught the slimy scum who committed these crimes – and good on the officers who shot and injured one of them!

They’ve confessed, saying they ‘had no money.’

Yes, well, many people run short of funds now and then, but even ‘ordinary decent criminals’ do not generally deem it necessary to beat babies to death and violate an innocent woman as part of the solution to that problem. Incidentally, a million rupiah amounts to about US$100…


The two children were Kanaya Nadin Aulia Zahrani Wiyana, 2, and one-year-old Keanu Rifky Ontoseno Wiyono. Musa was aided by Abdul Rohman, 29, also a Jepara resident, in committing the crime. The two also stole Rp 1 million in cash and three gold rings owned by the parents of the toddlers. The mother, Enny, 37, found the children dead when she arrived home from work. Both toddlers had suffered serious head injuries after Musa bashed their skulls with a crowbar.



  • The grieving family wants the death penalty imposed, as should anyone with an ounce of decency.
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One wonders if some Euro-dork will fly down to Semarang to tell the family how wrong they are.

  • William Hague Hague should serve Britain, not Brussels
  • I know i have a steady readership in the UK, so could I again ask them to approach their MPs, and William Hague at the FCO, and remind them that just about every survey of British opinion has for years shown a majority in favour of capital punishment, so by despatching these diplomats on Brussels’ neo-colonial missions, they are flouting British opinion as well as patronising Indonesia and other Third World countries .