Aurat Anguish! Islamist Turks Oust TV Star

Yes, indeed, those Islamist ignoramuses in Turkey are just as benighted as Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs.


Ali1 Apostasy Ali doesn’t like  knees


Remember Suryadharma Ali’s  bleating on the subject of skirt-length?

He told us that his own priggish perceptions were a universal criterion, so no woman’s knees should be visible. 

This is the same bright lad who boasted that Indonesia was the ‘most tolerant country in the world,’ and much of the world, including millions of normal Indonesians, of all religions, who like knees, fell about laughing.

Well, now he’s got a friend in Turkey, a backward buffoon to whom the sight of a lovely lass not wrapped in some sort of sectarian shrouds is an affront!

. Huseyin Celik

Gözde Kansu’s “unacceptable” garb drew criticism from Hüseyin Çelik, who did not name the host directly but said that revealing cleavage on the Veliaht TV show was “too much”.


gözde kansu

Looks okay to me!


Hüseyin Çelik stood behind his words. “Our sensitivity is the sensitivity of people. It is my very right to express this,” he said on twitter.

Some of the highlights from Çelik’s tweet messages included:

“I attended a TV program on Sunday where a presenter asked whether the lifting of headscarf ban could go extreme in Turkey. 

“I said that I already expressed my views on the topic during the lifting of headscarf ban in universities. I said that the worries have no base. 

“In my response, I said that wearing headscarf is different than hijab or burka – just like not wearing a headscarf didn’t mean necessarily showing one’s cleavage.  

“During the interview, I said that it would be extreme for a presenter to show her cleavage. I didn’t disclose any specific names or programs in the meantime.


But you got her fired, you oaf! 

What a sorry bunch of dorks these intolerant Islamists are.


We have the same nonsense here in Indonesia, where Trans TV ruins good movies with idiotic censorship of cleavage, an opaque cloud appearing whenever an inch or two appears!

Similar censoring occurs when an actor is depicted smoking a cigarette, so if a gal with a fine bosom lights up, time to toddle off and make a cuppa till respectability/visibility is restored to our screens.




Needless to say that Celik creepo is part of Erdogan’s sectarian party apparatus…you know, Cameron’s big buddy, whom  Cast-Iron is determined to bring into the EUSSR?
And what kind of impact would THAT have, not just on migration into the UK, but also on Brussels’ tyrannical PC diktat out-pourings.



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  • Horrific news, but not quite enough to spoil my uneventful outing yesterday, enjoying a coffee on a mall terrace, as all kinds of normal knees went by, belonging to women who clearly haven’t heard of Apostasy Ali’s universal criteria on decency.