Christma is Coming – And SO is Mickey, to Jakarta!

Hey, it’s a gorgeous day out there, the sun hot already and barely 8am! And best wishes to all my Muslim readers who are celebrating Idul Adha today, though commiserations to the thousands of goats and cows who won’t see another sunrise.
I’m told this is why the price of milk has been rocketing in supermarkets recently, a carton as high as Rp.19,000, usually just Rp.12,000 or so. I’d begun to wonder if Java’s cattle had gone on strike, but yesterday’s visitor disabused me of that notion.
Speaking of high days and holy days, there I was, out for a morning coffee yesterday and what should i see on the coffee shop window but silhouettes of Christmas Trees and “Merry’ promos advertised.

Not even halfway through October!
 So I smsed the Australian connection and was quickly advised that, yes, there too, since SEPTEMBER, Yuletide ads had been seen popping up…never mind, it’s good to see the Festive Season looming alluringly.
Today I might head down to Gandaria City Mall to view that Hallowe’en scene I publicised a week or so back – here it is again, if you have time on your hands and kids to keep entertained – but I reckon some serious sun-bathing is in order for much of the arvo.
So no more bloggery till tonight.
Have a fine day!
Meanwhile, speaking of Gandaria, here’s something else going on there, next month, which younger readers, or their parents, may consider appealing.
Jakarta Shows Time :
Date :
Thu, 8 Nov 2012   2PM and 5PM
Fri,    9 Nov 2012      2PM and 5PM
Sat, 10 Nov 2012 10:30AM, 2:PM, 5PM
Sun, 11 Nov 2012   3PM- 6PM