From NYC – Proof Positive, 'Gays' Can Be Cured!

Hadn’t paid much attention to that Commie. Democrat candidate who looks horrifically likely to be next Mayor of the Big Apple, but yesterday’s post on his Cuban Connection made me stir myself to do so, and I actually found something useful he seems to have done.

His love has cured a lesbian! 



Bill with Christine, who says – “In the 1970′s, I identified as a lesbian and wrote about it. In 1991, I met the love of my life, married him.”


Since many lesbians are in fact attractive women, this is news devoutly to be welcomed, and of course makes even greater nonsense of the BIG LIE spread by so-called’ gays’ that their sad condition cannot be remedied.

As AIM says,..

Modern-day progressives usually consider it wrong to even discuss the option of voluntarily leaving the homosexual lifestyle, but they have let the matter of McCray’s rejection of lesbianism pass without critical comment.

And it’s a real marriage, for they have had two perfectly normal children.  Good for them.

There, however, my approval ends, and I urge any NYC readers to vote for his Republican opponent, Joe Lhota, who rightly demands that de Blasio “needs to explain himself—and explain himself now—to the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who escaped Marxist tyranny in Asia, Central America, and from behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe.”


Joe Lhota campaigning on the Upper East Side.


Joe Lhota

Lhota noted that de Blasio’s involvement with the communist Sandinistas “didn’t  happen in 1917; it happened 70 years later when the cruelty and intrinsic failure of communism had become crystal clear to anyone with a modicum of reason.”

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And it seems that Blasio is no more prepared to crack down on today’s enemy within than he was prepared to support freedom in Nicaragua back in the day!.

De Blasio opposes the stop-and-frisk practices of the New York Police Department (NYPD) and wants to replace Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who has authorized surveillance of radical Muslims in order to thwart terrorist attacks.

America, and Britain, and Canada and Australia already have too many such grovellers – who needs another one!?