OMG! Malaysian Court Tells Christians Whom To Pray To!

malaysia-truly-asia-300x271 As noted on Sunday, it’ll soon be time to change that slogan to Malaysia Truly Arabia!


We reported at the weekend on a case key to Malaysia’s religious liberties – or at least those of non-Muslims – due to be heard at a court outside Kuala Lumpur yesterday, and sadly, freedom took a beating.



The intolerant Islamist regime was fighting a lower court ruling in favour of Christians’ rights to use the word ‘Allah‘ to refer to God Almighty – and the regime won.

As we said in our previous coverage, the underlying issue is that pathetic lack of confidence in their flock commonly heard both there and here in Indonesia among Islamic leaders – as the JP reported it –

“Allah” is the Arabic word for God and is commonly used in the Malay language to refer to God. But the Malaysian government insists that “Allah” should be exclusively reserved for Muslims because of concerns its use by others would confuse Muslims and could be used to convert them.

So freedom falls because ‘scholars’ and fanatic politicians fear that rank-and-file Muslims will jump ship if a Catholic newspaper talks about God and uses that Arabic word – yes, seriously, the judges themselves confirmed their ruling was based on such infantile fretting.




Judge Mohamed Apandi Ali“Such usage if allowed will inevitably cause confusion within the community.”

Only among simpletons, surely, Your Honour!

And what your ruling means is that there will be widespread civil disobedience by Christians who are not prepared to knuckle under to this kind of bone-head bigotry.  What gives any court, or any other creed, the right to tell you or me or anyone to whom we should direct our prayers? It’s sheer damnable arrogance.

There is still an outside chance religious tolerance – and reason – will prevail, because the Christians have recourse to the Federal Court.


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However, unless justice triumphs there, expect action replays of the violent tantrums seen when the controversy first broke out, church-burning, and other mayhem, despite the fact that Malay Catholics and Protestants had previously used Allah in their worship without any problems. But times have changed and the Malaysian Government is a stranger to pluralism.


As chance had it, I went out to replenish my coffee supplies today and my angkot passed a large billboard advertising a Protestant service – it used the word Allah for God.

Stand by for the moron element in Indonesia to latch onto this as another way to war down worship by non-Muslim congregations.