‘Focus on Nazi Thugs, Not Citizens Who Fight Back!’ A Message from Sukorejo

I assume the statue of the chicken in Sukorejo, which has been there for many years, was erected to acknowledge the importance of farming as a key part of the local economy.

I have been there a few times, and never did get a definite answer!


  • chicken-statue Sukorejo’s Chicken
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  • But it is nevertheless tempting to think that its location in the town centre was a kind of premonition. Was it perhaps a psychical insight into the behaviour of the white-shirt louts who invaded that peaceful community a few months ago and ran amok, a harmless housewife dead before they ran for safety to a mosque, skulking in typical FPI cowardly manner until the police came to usher them out of town once night fell?




Whatever, the English-language media here are not giving much attention to the trial that has just commenced, so I have been combing the local onlines, and found an interesting item in suaramerdeka.com

Unhappy over the FPI in Sukorejo, nine citizen representatives have visited Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation (LBH) accompanied by accompanied by Wahyu Nandang Herawan, a staffer of  LBH Semarang.

= Nandang


“The behaviour of these FPI members, sweeping, vandalism and violence in Sukorejo, clearly constitutes unlawful action. Citizens obviously were put in difficulties, uneasy…FPI are not security forces, so this sort of thing cannot be allowed, ” said Nandang.

Few normal Indonesians would disagree with Nandang, and if the Government listened to the people, this IslamoNazi gangster group would surely have been outlawed long since.


But most significant, maybe, were the final words quoted by suaramerdeka, for the role of the police in so many of these outrages has long been a source of anxiety, to say the least – they do sometimes take appropriate action, but often don’t, and, as often, too little, too late.

Furthermore, according to Nandang , it also had to be asked what the security forces were doing, that they allowed this clash -clearly people were only defending themselves from violence committed by members of FPI. http://www.suaramerdeka.com/v1/index.php/read/news_smg/2013/10/17/176010/Resah-karena-FPI-Warga-Sukorejo-ke-YLBHI


Quite so!

He named some citizens on trial,  Agung Fitriyono. Paedo Gogi, Edi Bowo Dwiyanto and Agus Riyadi, – who, as Nandang noted, were only defending themselves! If a mob of sectarian savages descends on your community, you should not only be entitled to fight back, but be commended for doing so.

As we reported throughout the ‘holy month’ of Ramadan, the white-shirt hoodlums openly resorted to violence and intimidation,

Here are just a few links to remind you.https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/islamonazi-thugs-amok-another-video/


Isn’t it strange that xometimes media can be there so fast while the police show up in their own good time?

Well, we have a new National Police Chief due to take the reins from Timor Pradopo, and as far as we know, there are no photos of the new man cosying up to IslamoNazi scum.

  • pradopo murhali Pradopo with IslamoNazi FPI gauleiter Barda


  • Is it too much to hope that police will be given new orders – get to the crime scene, collar the criminals, and don’t hesitate to handle them roughly if they act up.
  • And maybe the courts will start issuing salutory sentences instead of piffling little penalties.
  • But don’t hold your breath. let’s wait and see how those guys named by Nandang are dealt with by Indonesian justice!