Lest We Forget! Hungary’s Blood-Red October Still Echos!

I was a very young lad when the Communist murder machine was unleashed against the Hungarian people in October 1956.

But I visited the country after it achieved freedom and took my offspring around the beautiful city of Budapest, telling them the story of heroism and betrayal.

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  • The workers and students had taken to the streets of Budapest and other cities, inspired by the example of their Prime Minister, Imre Nagy, one of those rare admirable marxists with the courage to admit that the cause he’d worked for over decades had proven a false god.
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He and his Minister of Defence, Pal Maleter, took Hungary out of the Warsaw Pact and offered Magyars the prospect of a country free for the first time since the elections at the end of WW2 had been betrayed by Communist quislings.


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  • When the Kremlin launched its invasion, the West stood back and let it happen.

Nagy and Maleter were tricked into trusting the Reds, went in good faith to talk about a truce, and were brutally murdered. The Red Army, with local collaborationist forces, crushed the freedom fighters.


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Viktor-Orban-006 Hungary’s PM Orban


Fortunately, Hungary at present has a government that represents much that was best about 1956 (that of course is why the Soviets’ present-day equivalent, the EUSSR, detests PM Viktor Orban and the Constitution which enshrines Hungary’s traditional values) 


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  • But despite Brussels’ animosity, the Hungarian justice system too is alive and well, with the news that one of those evil collaborators has been told he’s facing war crimes charges for his role in the betrayal of his country.

Hungarian prosecutors said Wednesday that a former communist minister has been charged with war crimes related to reprisals against civilians after the anti-Soviet revolution of 1956.

Bela Biszku became interior minister and a member of the communist party’s ruling interim executive committee after the October 1956 uprising was quickly crushed by Soviet forces. The committee created armed militias to carry out the repression, including the shooting of 49 people at two rallies in December 1956 when they indiscriminately fired into the crowds.

Budapest Chief Prosecutor Tibor Ibolya said in a statement that Biszku’s role in the repression was a war crime under the Geneva Conventions, carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison….he would be the only high-ranking former communist official in Hungary to be held accountable for his actions during the Soviet-backed regime…http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/16/bela-biszku_n_4108651.html


Communism is evil, today as then. The more of these vermin put on trial the better. though it’s a pity Hungary does not have the death penalty..