Labour Pro-Castro Vixen Joins IRA Adams, But DECENT Brits Protest!



Relatives of IRA bomb victims have staged a protest as the Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams arrived to address a peace conference in London. About 20 protesters gathered outside the London Irish Centre in Camden, where Mr Adams delivered a speech about the future of the NI peace process.


Glad to hear decent people came long to confront the terrorist swine!

But  almost as interesting as the Sinn Fein murder-gang’s spokesman was a very unpleasant woman named Angela Smith, Baroness no less, who can be seen on the link below prattling about justice while speaking at another occasion.


  Smith, who’s not much better, though she hasn’t commanded a murder-gang like Adams



A rally run by the pro-terrorist, pro-tyranny, Communist front movement called the Cuban Solidarity Campaign.

Listen to her ranting about the so-called Miami 5, communist terrorists properly convicted in the USA, whom Smith wants turned loose.

The Miami 5, as even the Havana regime finally admitted, after years of denial, were sent into America by the Cuban Communist spy agency – they should have been hanged.

But regardless, what kind of cretin could possibly talk of justice whilst defending the malignant marxist misrule which has plagued Cuba for fifty years or more?

She’s a very bad woman indeed.


Brian Hambleton, whose sister died in an IRA bomb in Birmingham 39 years ago, called on Mr Adams to name her killers…”You’ve got Gerry Adams inside spouting about peace and reconciliation. He needs to address his past before he can go forward. You can’t have peace and justice without the truth. Why isn’t he forthcoming with the names of the perpetrators who killed my sister and all the other victims on the mainland?”

Mr Adams later told the BBC he does not know the names of the people behind the IRA bombings but that his “heart goes out” to anyone who had lost a loved one.

Lying scumbag!

The Sinn Féin leader said: “I come from a community which has suffered, I have family members who were killed, I’ve been shot myself….”

Suddenly he wants to bring his family into public discussion?

Only last week he refused to comment on how and why he withheld the truth about his pedophile brother’s filthy crimes for years!

And yes, he was shot, but alas, the shooter was not a marksman – the republican pig is still trotting out his lies.