Angican Agitator Shrills for Illegal Ingrates!

We recently had a pseudonymous (of course – they love to hide their real ID)  left-lib commenter whining that i gave too much attention to the evil Islamist savage who got off lightly for beheading three little Christian schoolgirls some years ago, and not enough to  three Christian men convicted of an an attack on a Muslim community.


  • Hasanuddin the Pig

    Hasanuddin the Pig

  • I obliged by posting the details of the trio’s trial, which was widely seen as flawed, to say the least. If anything, it illustrated a shameful double-standard,, that vile slug Hasanudin due to be out of jail in a few years time, those Christians executed, dead and buried despite  dubious procedures in their court case.
  • Anyone into in-depth study of the Islamist onslaught on Christian islanders should check out this link. long but excellent reading.


However just to show I am even handed, I am today firing a broadside at a Christian body, not here in Indonesia, but in Melbourne, Australia, where the Anglican Church of Melbourne says the Federal Government should stop using the word ‘illegal’ to describe asylum seekers arriving by boat…

 If 101 citizens of Berwick had voted differently in 1989, Anglicans would be installing a different man as bishop of Melbourne’s northern region tomorrow. Yep, he’s a failed Labor candidate, but still spreading the red gospel…


….Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins says the right to seek asylum is made clear in the international refugee convention of which Australia is a signatory.

Canberra should repudiate that cretinous covenant retrospectively,

But never mind- Hogwash Huggins is on his high horse. I wouldn’t be surprised if he says no criminal should be described as engaging in illegal activity, because it gives crims a bad name!

Believe it or not, that’s what he went on to say about the boat bludgers!

He says public perception of asylum seekers is damaged by the use of negative language.
“Once a negative stereotype is established about a particular group of people it can be used by extremist groups to create even more difficulties in an otherwise stable society…”

Extremist groups? This from an erstwhile hippy? But never mind…

Who established the negative perception, Rt.Rev?

Forget the fact that the queue-jumping ratbags sneak in illegally, so they are illegals..

Might not the negative perception of these parasites have something to do with how they just happen to forge documents, shred their own ID papers, lie about their age, vandalise their free lodgings, assault detention staff in violent tantrums and burn-baby-burn to the tune of SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS in one weekend’s arson spree?






Good for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who says he is simply calling “a spade a spade.” “I’m not going to make any apologies for not using politically correct language to describe something that I am trying to stop,”

Yes! Even old Bob Carr, the last Labor Foreign Minister, had the honesty to recognise how many of the wasters were mere wannabe welfare snouts, economic migrants, as he put it. …a growing number of boat arrivals were economic refugees, and not asylum seekers, from countries like Iran, he said.”These are increasingly not people fleeing persecution,” Senator Carr told the Senate


But Labor, their pretend change of tack seen through by the electorate last month, are now swinging back to their preferred role as friends of their country’s enemies.

…new immigration spokesman Richard Marles is concerned a change of language would demonise asylum seekers…”Those who come by boat are not the enemy.

Oh no?

Hogwash Huggins says It is extremely dangerous to use stereotypes of people…”  

And it is probably a lot more dangerous to unleash these liars and louts on the Australian public whose hospitality they soak up on false pretences, and repay with dastardly ingrate mayhem.

Of course they should be seen as the enemy, pillaging the public purse.