Arrogant EUSSR Flunkeys Lecture Indonesia – ‘Hands Off Scumbags!’

More disgraceful arrogance from EUSSR ‘diplomats’ in Jakarta, with the italian Ambassador joining the city’s top Brussels big-wig in telling Indonesians how to handle child-rapists, terrorists and other scum –  ‘whatever you do, don’t punish them as they deserve!’


  • gallows What every terrorist needs!
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  • That was the neo-colonialist message reported in the Jakarta Globe, whose reporter faithfully reflected that newspaper’s left-lib bias by including in what ought to have been an objective news-piece the presumptuous words ‘Indonesia still has a long way to go,’ as if the JG and those uppity Euro-Crats were the Pied Piper leading simple Asians towards a pinko paradise.
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You’d think even the hacks on the JG might have some conscience about this kind of drivel after the case earlier this month in Semarang.


Two tiny little kids, battered to death by a slimy scavenger, all for the gain of a hundred bucks and a couple of rings. And the same filth who committed the heinous crime also raped the kiddies’ nanny.

And some degenerate Eurofreaks want to let them off the hook with a mere prison sentence?

 Italy’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Federico Failla   – “The death penalty doesn’t deter crime…”  Is he unsound of mind? If those Semarang swine are put down, they’ll never again bludgeon a child to death, nor violate a defenceless young woman. That’s deterring them!


SkoogOlof-@Swe1001 Skoog


 European Union Ambassador Olaf Skoog –Indonesia is making progress by abstaining on a recent European Union resolution against the death penalty instead of voting against it. ”  

Sounds just like a Dutch East Indies overseer telling coolies that they’re making progress in learning the master’s ways.


Well, God forbid SBY, or any Jakarta Government, ever makes up their minds based on input from a supranational authoritarian outfit like the EUSSR, not ONE of whose member-states has EVER put the issue of capital punishment to a vote of their people.

It might interest Indonesian readers to know that Brussels trumpeted a new ‘consultative’ process called the ECI, ‘European Citizens’ Initiative,’ meant to give ordinary people some say in how the EUSSR Commissars run their empire. 




One of the first things the Commissars then made clear was that NO consultation was allowed on ANY issue they deemed inappropriate, a notable example being the death penalty.




Skoog and his henchmen have no time for democratic process, if there’s a chance people will defy the ruling elite’s pinko prejudices.  Brussels, and its lackeys in each European capital, treat their own citizens with the same elitist condescension they displayed towards Indonesia this month in Jakarta!

Don’t just take my word for it.   Ask all the expats you meet.

There are a handful of cultural marxists among them, but plenty will tell you the truth – most people back home SUPPORT capital punishment.