Thanks, Indonesia – More Illegal Aliens Captured En Route to Oz!

A long trip across town today, rushing now to get dressed and out the door, but with good reasons to be cheerful and smile at all the Indonesians who’ll be sharing my buses and angkots. 

Their country is doing its bit to help Australia in the fight against illegal alien incursions..


Gunung Kidul district police arrested 30 people attempting to seek asylum in Australia after they failed to set sail from Parang Racuk beach in the regency on Saturday.  Gunung Kidul Police Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Faried Zulkarnaen said 13 of the them had come from Pakistan, 11 from Somalia, five from Myanmar and one from Eritrea.


smile33 Good news to start your day


Good factual stuff so far in this JG article. But then the police chief seems to display some gullibility, uncorrected by the reporters.

“They left their countries because of political turmoil and violent conflicts. They paid a Jakarta-based broker to smuggle them from Indonesia to Australia, but they were deceived,” Faried said.




If they’re anything like most illegals who engage in this sort of queue-jumping, they left to seek their fortunes at the Aussie welfare trough.


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  • And please note – the headline says these crimmigrants were caught after a tip-off!
  • Both Indonesian and foreign readers travelling around the islands could keep their eyes open wider.

if you see unlikely characters hanging about, especially near ports and other seaside towns,  think about giving the word to the wise- let a local cop know there may be something amiss.