Excellent Oktoberfest – Well Done, Sari Pan Pacific!

Have to hand it to the people who organised the Oktoberfest on Saturday night in Jakarta’s Sari Pan Pacific. It was thoroughly enjoyable,  free flow beer from 6pm, all the good food you could cran down, and fine traditional Bavarian music.

Needless to say, I was bang on time – punctuality is one of my virtues, not least when there’s goodies to be sampled, and every single one of the dozens of staff bade us a cheerful welcome, the waitresses a delight to behold in their Germanic outfits, no buxom blondes as once saw to my needs when I attended the real thing in Munich, decades back, but Indonesian beauties, clad in whatever, are peerless, in my humble opinion.



They and their male colleagues were no slouches in refilling the big steins, one of which was presented to each guest on arrival.


The plan had been for three of us to join the revelry, but my two companions dropped out, last minute, feeble excuses about work and maids and stuff, no stamina, these oldsters!

No worries,  I was confident there would be folks I knew, and sure enough, numerous familiar faces, a motley crew of serious Jakarta  socialites of diverse origins, Romanian, Slovakian (both very pretty, lively lasses) an Englishman I’d not seen for several years, and new acquaintances too – found myself in pleasant conversations with a guy from California and another Brit from Colchester.

But the singing must be mentioned, all of us rising to join the Munchener chorus, ‘ein, zwei, sofah!’


Photo from last year. but I reckon it was the same guys!


One thing about these free flow evenings that you often need to be prepared for is –

A the beer runs out and

B the service can be slow  – yes, that’s two things.

But neither horrid phenomenon was on display at the Sari Pan Pacific.  As stated above, the gals and guys all did their jobs diligently and courteously, appearing unbidden to ply us with re-fills.  And there were even loud and frequent appeals by those in charge to eat more and drink more, which I, like many others, willingly heeded.

The chef came round everyone, asking if we liked his food, and the only honest answer was Jawohl! 

Pork knuckles, roast pork, chunks of pork, pork sausages – haram heaven.  And there was a halal buffet for those to whom porcine joy is off-limits. 

Nor  should I omit to mention the sauerkraut and the potato dumplings, and many other dishes i didn’t have room for.

Frankly, i didn’t last till midnight. After three or four hours of determined consumption of both San Miguel and yummy foodstuffs, it seemed prudent to make my way home while still vertical. 

But I reckon i got my money’s worth!

Must book early for next year’s event!

PS Since I’m praising the place, I show thanks by noting they do a regular free-flow dining experience, just Rp.280,000, so here’s the number to ring if you fancy trying it out – , 021) 29932888