IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!”

Another salvo fired in the struggle by benighted Islamist ignoramuses to subvert Jakarta’s progress towards civilised modernity!

This time it’s no less than the Secretary of the Regional Leadership Council of the Islamic Defenders’ Front ( FPI ) Jakarta , Habib Novel Bamu’min who sagely explains that “women already have limitations, let alone non- Muslims!”


habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi Yet another Habib  -the name’s said to denote descent from their Prophet!


The bearded bigot was of course referring to one woman whose proven leadership qualifications earned her the job of district head in Lenteng Agung, in South Jakarta, Susan Jasmine Zulkifli.


  • susan lentengagung Susan
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  • But she’s a she…and she’s a Christian, so the sectarian buffoons are yelping like stuck pigs, none more shrilly than the FPI.

“We reject this utterly – to the death! There has never before been a local head from a non-Muslim religion!”

That death idea has a certain appeal, but we know how seriously they take their infamous motto –


fpi_noble life martyr deatht Noble Life or Martyr’s Death…or…run away and hide in a mosque, a la Sukorejo!

He doubted the leadership of Susan may represent the majority of residents are Muslim .
“It is not possible for this Susan to represent the aspirations of the citizens . Women already have their limits , let alone non- Muslims.”

What a klutz! But on he goes –

It’s straight to the mosque…FPI plans to Tabliq in Al-Ausar Mosque, with the theme ‘ Negative Impact of Non – Islamic Leader Amid an Islamic  Majority’ . Novel Habib said he would be present.

Wow! if he’s gonna be there, it’s not to be missed!


ahmadiyah2 Islamist pig at work in Cikeusik. 6th Feb, 2011


Tabliq is a kind of mass ululation of texts, slogans and prayers amid lots of Allahu Akbars, that same cry we heard at Cikeusik, while Islamist  savages were bludgeoning three real martyrs to death in February 2011.


  • ahok
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“Our demo starts at 7.30pm, Monday, at City Hall, to address Ahok’s arrogance.”