Sukorejo’s Sectarian Samurai – IslamoNazi Thugs Get Slap on Wrist

Semarang District Court yesterday gave two islamoNazi hoodlums a pitiful slap on the wrist, a mere four months behind bars, despite being convicted for participation in the mayhem in Sukorejo earlier this yea. Carrying offensive weapons, including a samurai sword, is seemingly not a big deal in the eyes of Judge Sukadi.


  • FPI samurai
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  • For anyone who has forgotten the details, a mob of sectarian FPI louts invaded the Central Java city and ran amok, provoking resistance from citizens. In the ensuing mayhem, a woman was knocked down and killed by an IslamoNazi vehicle.

The prosecution had sought seven months, but ludicrously the court took the view that they had behaved well during the trial  – so off they go, time spent in detention meaning they’ll very soon be back in their white-shirt gangster gear and free to roam the streets once more, looking for trouble.




Behaved well during the trial?

Since when should that be cause for leniency? If they had behaved in court like typical FPI storm-troops, screaming and threatening thuggery, then a few years extra in the slammer would have been merited.

But this Sukadi, appears to think the absence of outrageous misconduct during his sessions is in itself grounds for leniency – along with their ‘youth’ and first-time offender status.

The prosecution is talking about an appeal, but I’m not holding my breath on that – more interesting will be whatever verdicts and sentences befall the Sukorejo citizens who fought back. 


ahmadiyah3 Cikeusik – Islamist scum slaughter innocent Ahmadi


Mindful of the 2011 Cikeusik case, when Islamist savages got about six months each for their role in the pogrom, and one of their Ahmadi victims who survived the slaughter got much the same, I find Indonesian justice always worth watching.