The Beast of Belfast – Adams Still Lying About Housewife’s Murder

Jean McConville Jean McConville, abducted and murdered in 1972


The evil beast who leads Sinn Fein may yet be forced to tell the truth, though for now he still denies his role in the IRA’s gangland execution of  a helpless housewife.


Adams, evil terrorist ashamed to own up!

The late Brendan “Darkie” Hughes “There’s only one man who gave the order for that woman to be executed. That man is now the head of Sinn Fein.” ……Hughes, who died in 2008, made his claim in an interview with researchers at Boston College seven years earlier. It was given on the condition that nothing would be published until after his death.


We know Adams is a stranger to the truth as well as to decency, for it came out not long ago that he left his own niece to the molestations of his pervert brother, one fiend covering up for the other, for years.

So it’ll be tough extracting the true story of Mrs. McConville’s murder.


devil destroyed


Another IRA terrorist, Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price, also alleged Mr Adams had been her IRA Officer Commanding during the early 1970s and specifically implicated him in the murder of Mrs McConville.


The widow’s  son   “If I lived for 200 years I still don’t think I could describe how I felt when we got my mother’s body back,” said Mr McConville, who wants the killers brought to justice. They took my mother from her house. To bring her down to a beach with her hands tied behind her back and to put a gun to the back of her head and shoot her – that’s an execution. They knew exactly who they were killing and what she was leaving behind. That was a war crime and the people responsible should be brought to The Hague.:”


What a terrible pity it is that the loyalist gunman, Michael Stone, was not a better shot, that day in Milltown Cemetery in 1988.