It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty!


The next time you hear some dork tell you it’s a violation of religious liberty to outlaw bag-head status among women, tell them about Mishal Husain.


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  • Mishal Husain, the first Muslim presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme, has entered the row over the veil. The BBC journalist, 40, who starts her new role today, said that her religion did not demand that women’s faces should be covered.

=She described a recent “awkward exchange” with a Muslim man who stopped her as she was boarding a train: “He complimented me on my work and then said, ‘But you’ll have to wear the hijab one day.’

‘I don’t think so,’ I replied.”  Her opposition to wearing the full face veil was influenced by her own upbringing in Saudi..

She goes on to say that ‘modesty’ is much more to do with how you behave, not with what you wear.

A chorus of approval – this lady deserves the thanks of everyone who deplores the iniquitous sex discrimination espoused by people like the MUI, Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars’ – only a few months ago those old sexists were at it again, Ma’aruf Amin telling us that WOMEN, should always cover their heads!

MUI support the growing number of artists who wear the hijab….but it should be worn all the time, not just during Ramadan…”

  • ma'arruf amin Ma’aruf of MUI
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  • But note  – that so-called ‘scholar’ was not talking about ALL artists! Ma’aruf meant only WOMEN should cover their heads – no grasp of fair-play, not a glimmer of non-discriminatory thinking from the likes of Ma’aruf and his ilk!
  • Jilbab is what Indonesians call the hijab, the scarf of shariah subjugation. The hijab of course is NOT the full-face veil – that’s the burqa.

Neither garment is considered compulsory by normal Muslim women here in Indonesia – I spend lots of time with such ladies and see thousands of them in the course of a normal week, on the buses, in shops, walking down the street.


  • women shopping in Jakarta I chose this from a site concerned with shopping, not shariah, to give a fair picture of Jakarta womanhood


Despite regrettably increasing influence by backward shariah fanatics across the country, most women, in Jakarta at least, go about their daily business with their glorious glossy black hair uncovered.


burka Backward baghead


And only among the most primitive sections of society are burqas ever worn.