Islamist ‘Scholars’ Quail as ‘Christianisation’ Looms!

We covered this story before but had hoped the ignorance and arrogance of the self-stlyed ‘scholars’ in Padang, Sumatra, would have run out of steam.

A vain hope, and in fact a rare example of wishful thinking on our part, for the star MUI bigot involved, Gusliar Guhazar, has appeared in our pages long before we got onto this particular saga.

  • gusrizal%20gazaharok_jpgbanget  G.G.


But here he is again, along with other Islamic organizations opposed to the construction of the Siloam Hospitals Group.

To prevent the hospital project, MUI and their wee pals invited 10 candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Padang to be questioned on their stance. And fair enough – that’s how democracy works, seekers of public office facing voters to make clear where they stand on issues.




G.G. holds the distinguished position of Head of Fatwa MUI West Sumatra and said ”We are strongly opposed to the construction of its hospitals , because of the steps and goals to Christianise residents in Padang.”

Okay, these sorry specimens reckon that access to a hospital, which happens to be run by a business conglomeration which happens to be owned by a Christian family, is, either by design or by chance, going to have ordinary Muslim folk abandoning the creed they were born and raised in!

Pathetic – what sort of phantasms of insecurity haunt the dreams of such irrational Islamists?

The report suggests they want to make their protest in a constitutional way. Great, but how long will that last? What happens if their constitutional route reaches a dead-end, and the democratic process gives approval to the project? A relevant question because only a few months ago when this Sumatran sectarian protested to the Provincial Parliament, the DPRD, he shrilled that..

“…if the government still insists on development of Siloam Hospital..then Muslims will react violently


Because the problem of faith is a sensitive area..

It’s a long-running saga, and you can check it out more here. )

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Nu Nahdlotul Ulama muhammadiyah

Voices of ‘Moderation’

  • What is fascinating is how Gahazar sees no shame in collaborating with self-confessed democracy-haters like Hizbut Tahrir – nor do the local ‘moderates’ like Muhammadiyah and the NU!

Straws in the wind?