“One Can Hardly Believe This Is Canada!” Alas, I Can!

Just read a review of a new book and it did make me wonder whatever happened to the happy, civiiised  and absolutely FREE country I was born into.



“The officers mentioned here chose to watch crimes being committed and, in most cases, chose to arrest the victims of the crimes instead of the criminals. In my view, they have violated their own consciences, violated their oath before God, violated their duty to the community, and violated the very foundation of what a democracy is supposed to be … They made their choices and history should remember them accordingly.”

Of course a lot of the blame belongs to the unlamented, essentially evil Pierre Elliot Turdeau, but Canadians have brains and guts and could turn their country around if they put their minds to it.

Instead, they allow their traditions to be uprooted, the very character of the Dominion transformed and go about saying what a grand place it is to live.

Younger citizens have indeed been relentlessly indoctrinated with the PC pap that constitutes the state ideology, but if several generations of East Europeans were able to survive similar ‘education’ and emerge still as patriotic conservatives, able to deliver their historic nations from the evil of marxism, why not Canada?


Lord knows the inconsistencies alone of the ruling elite ought to be enough to open the people’s eyes.

There was a first-class example of that last year, when the Supreme Court, a vanguard agitprop outfit ever vigilant against ‘racism,’ issued a totally racist edict putting Red Indians on a privileged platform, above the rest of Canada. Blacks, whites, Asians, all subject to the law on a supposedly equal basis, but redskins – no way, Tonto!


And so to this book, which deserves to be a best-seller, if even half the points made in the review are valid.

Here are a very few, and the link.

Worried about the bad press they would likely receive if they forcibly removed and charged the protestors—who would be joined, over the next weeks and months, by armed Mohawk Warriors, union organizers, pro-Palestinian activists, and drug- and people-smugglers from across the continent—the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) failed to act on several court orders to remove them.


…chaos came to Caledonia, with the highway dug up, hydro towers cut down, fires set on private property, a bridge burnt down, the power station firebombed, objects hurled onto a road from an overpass, numerous death threats issued, police officers assaulted and held hostage, and residents and reporters, including an elderly couple and an 86-year-old war veteran, harassed, swarmed, and beaten up. Set back on their heels, the police resorted to negotiating with the self-proclaimed peaceful protestors, trying to put a good spin on their inability to restore order.


non-Native residents of Caledonia …were subjected to daily inconvenience, humiliation, vandalism, blockades of their streets, frequent gunfire, sleep deprivation, and physical violence, with almost no charges laid and often with the police standing by and watching as the law was flouted by the Natives and their leftist allies. On some occasions, the police even assisted the protestors to set up their barricades. Mohawk and Palestinian flags began to appear around the occupied site, but non-Natives who sought to symbolically reclaim the territory with a Canadian flag were arrested…http://frontpagemag.com/2013/

As I said just a month ago, the OPP is a disgraceful and discredited organisation.https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/mounties-under-fire-for-tackling-lawless-louts/

Gary McHale, with whose endeavours I am fairly unfamiliar, but will be less so when I get his book, deserves huge applause for resisting their corrupt police state intimidation.