‘Prisoners’ – A Gripping Film

Aha, the weekend is back!
I rose quite early today, busy as ever, only to find that the same boring oik is trying yet again to sneak back under yet another silly pseudonym. Tough luck, comrade – until you pluck up the courage to put your real name to your comments – or even to the so-called ‘blog’ you publish – no innings here.
So toddle off and grow a set.
Since I am out most of today and tonight, I won’t be watching any dvd or tv stuff.
But on Wednesday, I did watch Prisoners, and was entirely distracted thereby from doing much of anything else.
Any parent who even momentarily thinks a child has gone missing must understand the way the heart stands still.
I remember a park play area somewhere in England, many years ago, when somebody very small and very special was enjoying the slides and swings and roundabouts.
I took my eyes off that brown coat and red woolly hat for just a minute, some sudden noise, a minor tumult elsewhere in the park diverting my gaze, and when I looked back…no sign of that winter outfit. I called out  – no answer.
It was like a block of ice was forming inside me somewhere, an impulse to panic, as I called again, turning to and fro, until suddenly that familiar voice from behind me.
“Can’t find the toilet, Dad.”
I could breathe once more.
That’s how the story starts, two little girls, friends, playing near the home of parents, then all at once they’re gone.
As the tale unwinds, you think, or fear, that it’s going in one direction, but it doesn’t – it holds your attention tightly as the unexpected happens, again and again.
The two stars are not the kids, nor the mums, although they play their parts well, but one dad, Hugh Jackman, and the cop on the case who won’t give up  Jake Gyllenhaal.
But to tell you more would spoil it.
And even I’m not sure yet how happy the ending really was.
Right, time to get ready and go forth – I’ll try to post something to upset the pinkos before I leave!