Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note!


While Tony Abbott allows Australia’s anti-bludger boat policy to be undermined by bad neighbour attitudes in Indonesia’s corridors of power, an excellent example has been set far away in the Balkan Peninsula, of how to treat unwanted aliens who use adjacent countries as a stepping stone to the welfare trough.

Armed special-op units in Greece are reportedly repelling asylum seekers and refugees in commando-like operations on its Turkish land border and out at sea.-


“These push-backs happen in a brutal, life-threatening way on a daily basis,” Pro Asyl director Karl Kopp told reporters at press briefing, co-organised by the Brussels-based European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), on Thursday.

Oh, and BTW, how many crimmigrants has Kopp put up in his spare room?




Boats with migrants in distress were left to fend for themselves or towed by the special-op units into Turkish waters, he said.

And about time too. If these people just wanted to get out of whatever troubles afflict their homelands, hey presto, they have already done so by reaching Turkey.




On the other hand, if it’s to get their greedy snouts into European tax-payers’ pockets, then let’s hope EVERY European country goes for Greek  tactics.

At least one, just up the road, Bulgaria, seems to be showing similar sense, kicking out illegals, making the irresponsible (a charitable description of the Erdogan Islamist regime’s conduct) neighbouring state take them back and take responsibility for undesirables oozing across its borders.

Bulgaria turned back more than 100 clandestine immigrants at its border with Turkey over the weekend, the interior ministry’s secretary general Svetlozar Lazarov told public radio, AFP reports. The group of migrants was stopped in the Strandzha mountains where 1,200 police officers have been deployed since Friday.

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  • So one hopes Abbott and Scott Morrison read how the Greeks are making clear their seriousness in defending their country. Next time any crimmigrant craft emerge from Indonesian territorial waters, Australia should simply block their path and drive them back to whence they came. Any  difficulties in which the illegal maritime malignants subsequently find themselves should be left to the Indonesian Navy to sort out. 

Australia has shown itself willing to help Indonesia nail these parasites and has had precious little thanks, so perhaps it is time to look at the enormous sums handed to Jakarta annually as aid, and suggest that the aid carry a price tag.

I’m not arguing that Canberra stoop to the EUSSR tactic of interfering in Indonesian’s internal affairs – – far from it.

But if you take help from your next-door neighbour, it’s not unreasonable to help him out when he’s beset by sponging queue-jumpers. Indonesia doesn’t have to keep them – just kick ’em back to where they came from.




Many Indonesians know this, and that Jakarta is currently just playing politics with this issue. Foreign Minister Raden Mohammad Marty Muliana Natalegawa, whose grasp of human rights is tenuous, to say the least –      – is reportedly unwilling to antagonise anti-Australian elements within the Government coalition, and there are enough of those, to be sure.

It would be a shame if the two governments can’t cooperate against everyone’s common enemy – illegal aliens.