Welshing on Freedom – Aberystwyth Students' Press Cenorship

We used to have good debates at uni, though the red nazis, mostly Socialist Workers’ Party and similar layabouts, from time to time would seek to break up the free exchange of opinion in the name of Karl Marx. Much like the UAF red nazis in today’s UK.




But in those days, the enemy within caused some disruption, but most students valued their right to free speech and took necessary measures to restore orderly discussion.

Now, however, free expression depends on who wants to express an opinion, and if it’s the Daily Express, no way, at least in Aberystwyth University, in North Wales.



The student union shop banned the newspaper from its shop, because the Express has launched a petition opposed to the imminent flood of Roma parasites.


However, presumably embarrassed by the bad publicity, the ‘students assembly’ is at least being allowed to vote on the press censorship policy, and the assembly meets today, Tuesday.

Should be interesting.

Not quite as historic as the disgraceful 1939 Oxford Union debate which decreed that the pampered brats would not fight for King and Country, but nevertheless an indicator of just how far academic standards, or at least admission standards, have fallen in the UK.

PS Apparently the students will vote Thursday 14th. Not today.