Hey, Snoggers! Need Coaching? Contact Jakarta Police!

Shocking news from Jakarta this week, some 30 teen couples nabbed by the cops for making out in Monas Park, the extensive leafy area around the National Monument in the centre of the capital.

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  • To anticipate the occurrence of crime in the area of ​​the National Monument ( Monas ) police officers aggressively conducted raids in the region…Police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hasan Basri said that in the first week officers secured 12 couples who were making out and, in the second week, 18…“It’s a preventive measure against criminal acts,” he said.

Of the 30 couples  secured, added Jajang, data was collected and coaching provided.

Gaudeamus igitur!



Do they hand out snogging manuals? I doubt the local teens need much coaching, nor do teens anywhere.

But in fact the message seems to be that the youngsters might become the victims of criminals, which I suppose is possible, so they need to be warned off thus enjoying the days of their youth. 

“In Monas there is also often uproar among visitors,” he said.

Having on many balmy Sundays enjoyed a stroll through that vast park, often returning from the persecuted Christian open-air services, I haven’t noticed a lot of uproar, although it’s quite easy to see how the trees and bushes afford shelter for young Jakartans to express their romantic feelings for soul-mates.

But that’s the point, surely – the youngsters seek the shrubbery for somewhere to be out of sight, not to affront other park visitors.

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  • For sure there aren’t many places in this crowded city to get peace to enjoy a good old-fashioned canoodle without sticky-beaking from passers-by or those dolts who seem to spend all day sitting at corners doing nothing at all.

Head of Technical Unit Monument Park, Mimi Rahmiyati, observed that  the National Monument as a green open space is intended to allow the people of Jakarta and its surroundings to be able to eliminate fatigue . “If there’s nastiness, let alone making out, we knew nothing about it,” she said.

Nastiness? Which, given her turn of phrase, she suggests is not as bad as making out?

Poor young Jakartans!

Sounds like it’s turning into Aceh!