Komedi Indonesia? Another Gob-Smack from ArchBigot Ali!

The Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Suryadharma Ali declared inter-religious harmony in Indonesia must continue to be nurtured…



Minister calls for Ahmadiyah to be disbanded | The Jakarta Post

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  • Jakarta Post 27/1 –


The Minister praised the religious harmony in Indonesia…

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fpi-menag-4 Ali all smiles with IslamoNazi FPI thug gang leader Habib Rizieq

Suryadharma gets cozy with Islam Defenders Front | The Jakarta Post


“But I want to emphasize diversity in Indonesia is not considered a weakness, but a strength. Diversity is beauty,”  he said while giving a speech in activities with the Gathering of Religious Leaders at the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Central Java, Friday ( 8/11 )


‘Diversity is beautiful!’  Ahmadi kids, refugees in their own country, driven from their homes by Islamist savages.

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He explained further, at the activity entitled ” Religious Harmony as a Pillar of Strength of the Nation,”that if God created the diversity of nature, that can not be avoided and rejected.