Good News! Lenteng Agung Heroine Gets Award from Decent Muslims!

Excellent news, as District Leader Susan Jasmine Zulkifli receives a pluralism hero award from the decent Muslims of GP Ansor and Taruna Merah Putih, because she dares to fight for principles.


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I am not familiar with TMP, but GP Ansor, the youth wing of the NU, the largest ‘moderate’ Muslim organisation here (though the parent body has suffered numerous lapses in pluralism promotion in recent years)  has a good record of resistance to the vile sectarian element.

An impressive example of the latter are the Islamist morons in Susan’s Lenteng Agung district of South Jakarta,  who have been ranting for her removal purely because she’s a practicing Christian.

Oh, and don’t forget, “it is not possible for this Susan to represent the aspirations of the citizens. Women already have their limits , let alone non- Muslims.”


habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi  Habib Novel, of the FPI


Thus spake one of Jakarta’s top IslamoNazis, Habib Novel, leading light  of the FPI white-shirt thug-gang, who were quick to leap into the fray on behalf of the Dark Agers

I can see the point made by Jakarta’s Deputy Governor, also a good guy. 


ahok Ahok


Ahok, as Tjahaja Basuki Purnama is known to the populace, feels the award is unnecessary…As he put it when he won the Bung Hatta Award,  officials are sworn to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.  Thus, although officials may have done something commendable,  it’s because it’s their obligation, in accordance with the oath of office.

Perfectly true, Ahok, but in today’s Jakarta, even doing your job is sometimes risky, and this admirable woman deserves all the support she gets.


Maruarar Sirait Maruarar Sirait


Being of an enquiring mind, I checked out this TMP – seems it’s the youth section of ex-Pres Megawati’s PDI-P party. And in fact RRA has featured their chairman, Maruarar Sirait, previously, but since we quoted him with his nickname Ara, it didn’t ring a bell.

Our previous post on his doings concerned his support for other persecuted Christians, those of GKI Yasmin Church in Bogor, West Java.

Whatever, he spoke well this week when he said ” Susan is a leader to whom we should give a big thumbs-up for daring to stand for principle and ideological pluralism.”