Hizbut Tahrir – Time To Outlaw Australia’s Enemy Within?



Not long ago, there was a HTI rally in Jakarta, a hundred thousand rabid Islamists roaring against political pluralism and shrilling support for jihadist hate. Decent Indonesians of all creeds were alarmed, to say the least, but HTI has friends in high places here.http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/06/14/antidemocratic-messages-state-tv.html


hizbutisrael Hizbut Tahrir – ‘Erase Israel from the World Map!’


Now another branch of this Jew-hating, democracy-detesting, Islamist outfit, Hizbut Tahrir Australia, has offered a clear challenge to Tony Abbott’s Government. It’s early days yet, and Abbott has much to deal with, but real Australians will be watching and waiting to see if he keeps his promise to outlaw these caliphofascist crazies or, like ‘Cast-Iron’ Cameron in Britain, lets the issue slide.


Uthman Badar, spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia.

Uthman Badar

This fanatic lives in Sydney, N.S.W., but was born somewhere else – and he really ought to be deported back there. He is in every possible way disloyal – his active role in HT is evidence enough, because their stated objective is to submerge EVERY country’s sovereign status and have them ruled by the same sort of caliphate that ran the Middle East centuries ago.


That’s the thing about Hizbut Tahrir – they tend to be quite overt in their objectives, and thus there’s no excuse for civilised governments NOT to hammer them.

It’s one thing for parties that want to change the system, but to call for Australia to be subjugated to a supranational sectarian regime…?




RRA gave readers that candid comment from the HT’s UK branch –“When Muslim leaders persist on responding by saying ‘Islam is a religion of peace,’ all it takes is a non-Muslim to pick up the Qur’an or the books of hadiths to see that they’re lying. You can’t just equate the whole religion with peace.” https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/hizbut-tahrir-uk-when-moderates-talk-of-peace-theyre-lying/


  • hizbut Indonesian poster calling for ban on HT

That’s why various, more thoughtful, Western countries AND Muslim governments who value their constitutional character, have outlawed HT. And why Indonesians here who value their Pancasila pluralist democracy agree!


In Britain, of course, with Snake Cameron’s record of reneging on solemn pledges, nobody’s surprised that he has chosen to quail, invoking the European Court’s ever-readiness to succour subversion, rather than keep his word.

 Badar has just claimed the government was deliberately trying to antagonise Muslims into reacting violently. “An act of violence or terrorism is possible by someone who can’t be controlled.  These laws and the surveillance tactics of ASIO and counter-terrorism police is begging for a reaction from disenfranchised Muslims.

The government should be warned.”

Skip his grammar issues (plural subject/singular verb) and skip the hogwash about disenfranchised Muslims – nobody in Australia is denied a vote on religious grounds.
What this assertion constitutes is a threat of violence if his so-called ummat is not treated with kid gloves.
Time to get REALLY tough on undesirable aliens!
And this creep seems keen to import more,via ‘asylum.’ His Facebook page carries at least one link to leftist queue-jump campaigning.
Uthman’s big mouth gives the game away all too quickly – the jailing of a number of Muslims, including those involved in a plot to blow up Holsworthy Army barracks, was again the fault of the government, he claimed.
As the Daily Telegraph reminds us, Hizbut-Tahrir is known around the globe as a “proscribed terrorist” group… http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/an-act-of-terror-on-australian-soil-will-be-the-fault-of-the-government-says-muslim-cleric-uthman-badar/story-fnii5s40-1226760244883
Let’s hear it from Tony Abbott tomorrow – prompt legislation to ban HT and all similar outfits.
No point in battling Islamist evil in Afghanistan, then letting it sprout at home.