Indonesia Ain’t So Bad! Over 100 Boat Bludgers Nabbed – PLUS 3 Marines Arrested!

Three Indonesian Marines have been caught in the act of assisting boat bludgers in Garut, West Java!




This excellent news comes as especially welcome after recent irresponsible outbursts from politicians and ‘intellectuals’ here who want to speed ‘asylum’ parasites on their way to Australia. One hopes  that –

A – the marines will be punished harshly for assisting illegals, and

B – that big-mouths like MP Susaningtyas of the Hanura Party will now shut up.


I tend to think the former is vaguely possible, the latter unlikely.

Garut is on the coast, southeast of Jakarta
  • reports that Garut Military Police Detachment Commander Lt. Col. Suparno has handed the marines over to the Navy Base at Bandung.

arif rachman

Arif Rachman

Garut police chief, Commissioner Arif Rachman, said that initially the intelligence community and Garut police found a suspicious vehicle. Later, the police caught 106 immigrants and six Indonesians who had allegedly been accompanying the immigrants at about 04:15 on Sunday.


marty Smarty Marty


Now let’s hear it from Marty Mohamed Natalegawa, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister, if these hundred plus Myanmarese snouts aiming for the Oz welfare trough were exiting legally or not.

It seems highly unlikely, since they were aiming for Cipangikis Beach where they planned to use a fishing boat to cross to Christmas Island.

Clearly, if they even entered legally, their departure plans must be in violation of any conceivable visa conditions, so they should deserve a few years in prison and then booted out, back to Burma, or any place stupid enough to want such crimmigrants.


  • fpi kill busddhist   The IslamoNazi FPI gang here have been vociferous in their support for such, so maybe they’ll take them into their homes?

Don’t hold yer breath!