Indonesian MP Urges – ‘Unleash the Bludger Boats Against Australia!’

While we who care about both countries seek to promote cooperation in the fight against the crimmigrant menace, an Indonesian MP today called on President SBY to unleash an ‘asylum’ parasite invasion against Australia!




Leading member of the Hanura Party, Susaningtyas Handayani Kertopati, has declared that the government should no longer seek to prevent boat people, most of whom come from the Middle East, from making the crossing to Australia…


Susaningtyas Handayani Kertopati


It remains to be seen if her inflammatory plan to facilitate the flood of undesirable aliens is taken up by Cabinet Ministers. Or indeed by her party leader, General Wiranto, who’s running for the Presidency next year.


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  • Wiranto, usually an astute politician, is probably not such a fool, and Hanura is not part of the ruling coalition.
  • But plenty of those who are, for sure, are not fast friends of a good relationship between Canberra and Jakarta. If such aggressive designs are being mooted at high level, one hopes they first ponder a few key words in the other English-language medium, the Jakarta Globe.

NOT the predictable yapping from jingos like Professor Juwana, who wants Indonesia to recall its ambassador from Washington as well – Aussie readers will recall the Prof too is a big fan of boat-bludgers  and thinks that Indonesian authorities should not hold asylum-seekers in detention and, when found at sea, should assist them to get to Australia.

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 “Let the Australian authorities solve it…. If we can facilitate them going to Australia, there won’t be any more problems (for Indonesia).”