A Sorry Dagger at Australia’s Heart – Green Light for Crimmigrant Tsunami?

Following a request from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for a review of areas of bilateral cooperation on Tuesday, the National Police and the Law and Human Rights Ministry, which oversees the Immigration Agency, have prepared to halt collaboration on combating people smuggling…


  • Sutarman  National Police chief Gen. Sutarman


“We will wait for the President’s response on how the police should handle any cessation of cooperation,” Sutarman said, adding that topping the list would be preventive measures against asylum seekers heading toward Australia.

Only a day ago, after an opposition party legislator urged that the boat-bludgers be left unimpeded to stage their illegal incursions into Australian waters, I asked if President SBY was maybe contemplating his legacy when he steps down as Indonesia’s Head of State next year. 


  • sby29 SBY
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  • If this report is true ( and the Jakarta Post is hardly likely to have gotten the top cop’s statement wrong) then that legacy is going to be seen by every patriotic Aussie citizen as one of one of bitter betrayal of a good neighbour, an attempt to swamp their country with unwanted, unwelcome and undesirable crimmigrants.
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And how will SBY’s own people see this aggressive escalation of hostilities?  It’s not as if the Indonesian people, from the elite to the poorest peasants, are unaware of the burden these parasites put on the societies on which they descend.

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  • The very same JP report quotes the  Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Marolan J. Barimbing as recognising how his duty is to protect the country from undocumented migrants – he means ILLEGALS, by the way unwanted migrants from impoverished or restive countries ( note that ‘or‘ – another recognition that a large proportion of the boats’ cargoes are economic migrants, not after ‘asylum’ but the pot of welfare gold at the Australian end of the rainbow!)
  • Crimmigrants- an albatross around a nation’s neck
But rather than ask for Canberra’s help – help that would surely be willingly given – to unsling the ‘asylum’ albatross from around his own country’s neck, kick the parasites out, back to where they come from –  most of whom come from the Middle East, says the reportSBY has, it seems, decided to take his cue from jingos like that MP and that strident Professor Juwana.

SBY seems to have chosen to listen to those shrills rather than to whatever cooler counsel that might have been on offer.


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  • The course of action underway today is a dagger pointed at Australia’s heart.Those who launch these bludger-boats also watch and listen to and read the media, and this week will be hastening to make more dirty money, eager to transform what was a diminishing flow into a tsunami.
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  • Contrary to Tempo’s ludicrous caricature…
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  • tempo crimmigrant tsunami
  •  “Australian public demand Abbott apologise”
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  • Australia will not buckle in the face of this challenge to her right to self-defence against invasion.
  • But it is heart-breaking that it should ever have come to this.