Government Links to Thug Gangs In Jakarta? How About in London?

Commenting on Indonesian news, it’s all too easy to single out certain government ministers who see no shame in praising, even embracing, fanatical gangs like the IslamoNazi FPI.


  • fpi-menag-4  FPI Thug Leader with Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs
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  • And of course they deserve condemnation when they do so.

But let’s not be remiss when we dish out the verbal lashings.

In Britain too the phenomenon exists.


Two men accused of murdering Lee Rigby appeared in court last week, at the Old Bailey in London. Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, are charged with murdering the Fusilier as he walked back to Woolwich Barracks in south-east London on May 22.


  • London Terrorist

….Michael Adebalajo speaking at a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) demo in Harrow, London, in 2009. It was the eighth anniversary of 9/11, and the hard-Leftist organisation UAF decided to pull together a demo to counter a march held by EDL-types outside the mosque. 


 …Adebalajo said, in his speech, “We are not scared of Kufar … my brothers remain in your ranks and do not be scared of these filthy Kufar.  They are pigs … Allah says they are worse than cattle.


The UAF, remember, had David Cameron as one of their founding patrons – no news so far of his resignation?

Sykes and Ukip could put Labour into No 10

No, not so.


The man who may well put Labour into No.10 is Cast-Iron Cameron, the man whom British voters, given their choice of animals to whom they might liken political leaders, designated as a reptile.


  • Joint ministerial council summit
  • ———
  • Snake Cameron has smashed the Conservative Party beyond redemption, not just by his rancid betrayal of traditional values, but by his record of utter dishonesty, and what voters must decide for themselves, is either his cowardice or his subservience in the face of repeated EurocRat assaults on British sovereignty.

Nobody believes his latest promise to give the people the referendum they require, for the very simple reason that he lied the last time he made that promise.


  • EU - referendum vote
  • Nobody believes his pretended interest in consulting the people, because he promised consultation on his pet project, and when the consultation was over, he treated the views expressed with disdain, when all he had to do, if he genuinely felt ‘gay’ marriage was favoured by anything more than a minority, was call a referendum and fight to advance the cause of those on whom he dotes.


Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


Nobody believe his bleating about how vexed he is about the European Court’s interference, because all he has to do is repudiate the convention that ‘binds’ him to foreign legal control. It was agreed decades ago by a simple parliamentary majority and could similarly be undone, in a matter of days, if Cameron cared enough, dared enough, to deal with it as urgent.

If Labour ends up in No.10,  it will be simply down to Cameron, and the fools in the Tory party who made him their Leader.