So How Come Media Creeps Still Shill for the Man Who Killed JFK?

Do you remember where you were when the news of JFK’s murder broke, fifty years ago?
I do. I was in a bar – yes, under-age, so report me!
Equally, I won’t forget where I was when the news of the Argie aggression against the Falklands broke, in 1982.
I was near London’s Leicester Square, with my other half, discussing the commute home.
Again, I don’t forget the news breaking of the martyrdom of those three Ahmadis, on February,6th, 2011.
Days that change the way you think, about history, about people, about nations.
  The media’s love affair with Fidel Castro apparently outweighs their love for President John F. Kennedy and his Camelot era. Otherwise, the communist role in the Kennedy assassination would be prominently noted during the 50th anniversary coverage of the JFK assassination.

Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist member of the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee and, after his arrest, tried to reach Communist Party USA attorney John Abt to act as his counsel. “Before Mr. Abt could accept or reject the bid, Mr. Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby,” The New York Times noted.

William J. Murray writes in his book, My Life Without God, that his mother, atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair, was a communist who was ordered to report to an office of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and destroy any references in the files to Oswald’s involvement with the group.

You will enjoy the real journalism via that link, if your taste for truth is whetted by the extract I provide.


Nevertheless, despite the US mainstream media’s sick fixation on extolling the nastiest dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere, it remains odd that Castro had JFK assassinated.


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He had after all stabbed the Cuban freedom fighters in the back during the Bay of Pigs episode, by denying vital air support. He refused to authorise any effective invasion subsequently, and thus guaranteed the permanent slavery of the Cuban people in what his crocodile-tear brother Bobby called that imprisoned island.

Not to be mean to those two Kennedy men – compared to the late girl-drowning slug ‘Teddy Bare,’ they were paragons.


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Castro declared on September 7, 1963, that “U.S leaders who plan on eliminating Cuban leaders should not think that they are themselves safe! We are prepared to answer in kind!”


So we face the question – was Kennedy merely inept, or timid, or an overt collaborator with totalitarianism, like Canada’s Pierre Turdeau?

The article is good, as far as it goes, but to my way of thinking, it falls short.

Yes, Kennedy was an object of personal hatred on Castro’s part. But Kennedy had withdrawn from the cause of liberation. 

So was the Dallas killing, fifty years ago, purely Castro, or a wider Soviet operation?