Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst

The Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Suryadharma Ali declared inter-religious harmony in Indonesia must continue to be nurtured…




And what else did he say at that meeting in Central Java?

“A religion that looks similar [to Islam] but is clearly not the same has prompted anger from some believers, especially Muslims who are the majority. It eventually creates horizontal conflict, an unfavorable situation not only for the followers of both religions but also for the people who live around the conflict area,” said Suryadharma.

Anger? So because some fanatical dimwits don’t share other people’s beliefs, they get angry?  They lack the gumption to debate, dispute, discuss these differences, so they lose their tempers and throw tantrums?

Well, yes, they do, and they are pathetic klutzes –  and here’s what Apostasy Ali may mean by an unfavorable situation….


  • ahmadiyah2 Ignorant Islamist swine with Ahmadi victim – three innocents martyred that day!
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  • One might think a Minister for Religious Affairs should seek to have Islamist bigots put down, told to grow up, or at least refrain from putting their primitive thoughts into actions.

But no, he blames the victims, and lectures at them! them.

The minister said that the most effective solution for the “Ahmadiyah problem” was to disband the sect, or to declare Ahmadiyah a new religion that should not cite the symbols or principles of Islam. “In Malaysia, that religion has been banned. In Pakistan, Ahmadiyah is considered a non-Islam minority religion,” said Suryadharma.

Happily, there are decent people of all creeds here, who regularly speak up against this archbigot.

The Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation lashed out at Suryadharma, saying that a minister should not publicly contradict the constitution.

  • Alvon-Kurnia-Palma Alvon
  • “As a minister who has responsibility for upholding the constitution, he is ruining its mandates and values….” Alvon Kurnia Palma of YLBHI …
  • =That’s the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation. .


Quite right, Alvon, but this creature, with his rhetoric targetting heresy, apostasy, etc., will never change, any more than a scorpion will give up stinging.




Unless he grows a conscience.

Don’t hold your breath. I append some extracts from our post on Ali  last week. His rancid intolerance is nothing new, although, to be fair to good Indonesians, including many Muslims, their protests have always been heard when he brings discredit to his country through his ranting.

Minister calls for Ahmadiyah to be disbanded | The Jakarta Post

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  • Jakarta Post 27/1 –


The Minister praised the religious harmony in Indonesia…

Minister: Christians bring discrimination on themselves | The Jakarta


fpi-menag-4 Ali all smiles with IslamoNazi FPI thug gang leader Habib Rizieq

Suryadharma gets cozy with Islam Defenders Front | The Jakarta Post


“But I want to emphasize diversity in Indonesia is not considered a weakness, but a strength. Diversity is beauty,”  he said while giving a speech in activities with the Gathering of Religious Leaders at the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Central Java, Friday ( 8/11 )


‘Diversity is beautiful!’  Ahmadi kids, refugees in their own country, driven from their homes by Islamist savages.

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He explained further, at the activity entitled ” Religious Harmony as a Pillar of Strength of the Nation,”that if God created the diversity of nature, that can not be avoided and rejected.