‘Asylum’ Al Qaeda Influx?” Arrogant Crimmigrants Won’t Answer!

You’d think these ‘asylum’ seekers – who purport to be fleeing intolerable regimes – would be delighted to assist their intended host-countries’ endeavours to defend themselves from the sort of enemies they claim to be fleeing! Well, not all of them, not exactly, it seems.

Six months ago, Sharmila H. came to Germany from Afghanistan. Although she is still waiting for her interview, she says one thing is already clear to her: “I will not answer just any questions,” if intelligence agencies speak to her – just who she is and why she came here. http://www.dw.de/german-spies-keep-tabs-on-asylum-seekers/a-17244769

What damnable disloyalty – this creature wants to live in Germany,  but won’t assist the security services there, who want to get useful info on the evils she allegedly finds intolerable back home!

Best to boot her recalcitrance back up the Khyber Pass!

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  • The linked article reports the efforts of German intelligence to get at least some value out of the uninvited influx by joining the investigation process, But incredibly there are Germans who  wish to reassure those who are unwilling to cooperate with German intelligence that they should have no fear about the regular procedure for granting asylum.

Arrogant obstructive illegal aliens! Out with them!

But the fact is, such an effort to glean answers to key questions is a highly relevant function for all Western intelligence agencies, given what Emma Bonino said a week ago!

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Emma Bonino is about as left-lib as one can get, and has served the EUSSR as a ‘European Commissioner,’ aka Commissar. She has now, since the EurocRat coup, been elevated to the post of Italy’s Foreign Minister.


Emma Bonino - World Economic Forum on Europe 2010.JPG


So hardly a likely source of patriot alarmism on the issue of crimmigration!

Al Qaeda members may be among thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean by boat from Africa to Europe, posing a potential security risk for the European Union, Italy’s Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said..



  • “We … have suspicions that among the immigrants there are jihadist elements and members of al Qaeda,” Bonino told a news conference during an EU foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels which discussed the issue. She said that at the moment she would not talk about a terrorism threat, but rather “a security threat” posed by the jihadists. http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20131120/world/al-qaeda-members-may-be-among-migrants-italy.495503#.Uo445SdP-ho
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  • But Signora Emma knows, as do we all, that Brussels is NOT on the side of the peoples of Europe but, as multicultists, on that of the illegal alien intruders, who flout every rule and regulation laid down for legitimate migrants.
  • Will she choose to follow through on her recognition of crimmigration reality, or will she revert to type and advance the agenda of the enemy within, seeking to open the flood-gates wider?