Jakarta Elite's Anti-Oz Shrilling Reaches Crescendo!

The very same Indonesian academic who has been agitating for ‘free-flow’ queue-jumper policies against Australia – “Let the Australian authorities solve it…. If we can facilitate them going to Australia, there won’t be any more problems (for Indonesia).” https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/jakarta-prof-send-more-bludgers-to-oz/ – has once more hit the headlines here.

Don’t these journos have any other less strident sources to turn to for a cheap shrill quote?

This time Juwana Hikmahanto  – invariably described as an international law expert from the University of Indonesia – again, don’t UI have any others? – gets frontpage treatment for simply stating the obvious.

Juwana- Juwana Hikmahnato  – “The President will of course have to study this letter before taking his next steps. It is possible Australian diplomats could be expelled from the country.


Any country anywhere can kick out any foreign diplomat anytime.That’s the wonderful thing about sovereignty. Big deal. Tell us news, not history, Hik!

But it’s what he says next that makes one wonder how often he ventures out of UI’s cloisters.

“It’s not just a situation where the president thinks the reply is sufficient if the public thinks otherwise. Public opinion needs to be taken into consideration,” he said, noting the public resentment shown in recent days toward the Australian government.

  • Flag-Pins-Australia-Indonesia
  • What public resentment? A few hundred, or at most, on their ‘busiest’ day maybe just over a thousand, demonstrators have shown up on Jalan Rasuna Said, outside the Australian Embassy. This in a city of somewhere between ten and twenty MILLION souls.


The rabble have run amok, at least those from the IslamoNazi thug gang, the FPI, and the others appear to belong to the very group which most vigorously opposes democracy for Indonesia, the caliphofascist Hizbut Tahrir. Oh, and let’s not omit a clutch of wannabe paramilitaries, the Red and White Commando.

On the strength of that miniscule level of public resentment, Hik shrills that the president will take the strictest possible action against Australia if Tony Abbott’s letter doesn’t melt his stern heart.

“This is where a third option will be needed,” he said….noting that by forcing diplomats out of the country, the issues between the two countries could be deemed resolved and they can subsequently focus on healing the two countries’ diplomatic ties.

Oya, brilliant, sever normal diplomatic contact…to bring the countries together? Hik’s a  real international law expert, no doubt, but a diplomat…not quite!  

Mind you, he’s not the only one who seems to have got carried away. Separately on Sunday, Indonesia Police Watch has pushed the government to immediately rid themselves of the cyber equipment given by the Australian government as an aid, specifically the cyber Crime Investigation Satellite Office…“Before cleaning out all the equipment, it is best not to activate them,” said IPW chairman Neta S. Pane.


Neta-S-Pane IPW’s Neta


Neta reckons the celebrated tapping may be related to notable corruption cases here, but significantly, IPW adds that Australia had given several sets of equipment to Indonesia after the first Bali bombing, which included aid for the government’s anti-terror unit, known as Densus 88, and for the National Police. http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/oz-diplomats-may-face-removal/




So it’s all gotta go if it came from wicked old Oz? If so, the war on terror could be undermined by removing this equipment.

Again, that old adage about cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face comes to mind.