Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’

Since RRA often criticises Islamist ‘clerics’ here for their role in tormenting innocents, it’s only fair we do the same for similar unholy activity by Western clerics, and the fact that this one has just died should not prevent a forthright denunciation.


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Revd Alec Reid – Servant of the Lord of Darkness?

This priest played an instrumental part in the Northern Ireland peace process, which ought to make us wary of any thing he might say, but in  fact his final media interview would shame Satan himself, for in it he praises the most notorious terrorist in the British Isles and at one point uses words akin to blasphemy to describe him.


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“I would say that Gerry Adams was a man sent by God…”

Not only is Adams infamous for his role in the IRA murder gang, he has quite recently been exposed as covering up the repeated paedophile crimes of his pervert brother.


Gerry Adams’ niece Aine reveals: ‘The Beard tried to get me to gag Press over abuse’


His brother Liam was convicted last week of raping and sexually assaulting his daughter, Aine Dahlstrom, over a six-year period between 1977 and 1983….Gerry Adams had been told about the abuse by Liam Adams back in 2000, but only made a complaint to the PSNI in 2009.http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/review-into-decision-not-to-prosecute-adams-over-brother-29641623.html


What kind of ‘priest’ could sink so low as to define a foul fiend as ‘a man sent by God?’  He makes Abu Bakr Ba’asyir seem like a saint!


abu-bakar-ba-asyir Convicted terror ‘cleric’ Abu Bakr Ba’asyir


One must hope that when – hopefully sooner rather than later, and hopefully in some very unpleasant way  – Adams goes to Hell, he’ll find the poisonous old swine Reid waiting for him in a particularly hot pool of fire and brimstone.

Adams – and his murderous comrade, Martin McGuinness – even now lack the guts to own up to their crimes, but the same report in the Irish Mirror gives us yet more corroborating evidence of the former’s guilt, and his lies.

In the documentary, Adams again denies claims that he was a member of the IRA or that his links to the Republican movement make him a liability to his party. But former IRA members Richard O’Rawe and Anthony McIntyre both appear in the programme contradicting Adams’ claims that he was never a member of the organisation.

O’Rawe, who served as Public Relations Officer for IRA prisoners during the hunger strikes in the Maze Prison, said: “Gerry Adams played a leading role during the campaign. “I first met him on the day I approached Billy McKee to join the IRA. He was knockin’ about.” Anthony McIntyre, who served 18 years in prison, said it was incredible that Adams could make such denials.

And McGuiness defends his own cowardly refusal to tell the truth about his terrorist crimes by saying he refuses to discuss his own past in the IRA for fear it would unsettle the peace process.http://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/politics/father-alec-reid-said-sinn-2847308

Pathetic. Of course we all know he’s a man without personal honour, and not a single soul among the loyal British majority in Ulster would hear anything they don’t already know if McGuiness took responsibility for his evil deeds.

What might make them revise their views of this scumbag would be a single solitary word of genuine repentance on the part of the Sinn Fein IRA cabal.https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/the-beast-of-belfast-adams-still-lying-about-housewifes-murder/

But that won’t happen, because, like another, slightly less shy, comrade in arms of these SOBs, they have NO regrets about their homicidal treason.

I refer to Sinn Fein/IRA’s Gerry Kelly, and TUV’s Jim Alister issued made such an effective speech about Kelly’s conduct that I append much of it below. 


Jim Allister MEP

Jim Allister.

This debate — indeed the events of the summer, the motion and the amendment — are testament to the continuing abject failure of the Belfast Agreement. Here we are, 15 years after the new dawn of 1998 that we were all sought to be conned about, discovering that, right at the heart of government, are those who still cling to the justification — not just the justification, the eulogising — of evil, wicked terrorism. Of course, there are some in the House who should remember that they put them there…. 

Mr Kelly comes to the House and treats us to a rerun of his atrocious speech in Castlederg. He tells us that there was no option in the 1970s for young men but to be terrorists.


Sorry, Mr Kelly, no one made you be a terrorist. You, Mr Kelly, and your ilk chose to be terrorists, you chose to pull the trigger, and you chose to plant the bomb in circumstances in which you rejected the ballot in favour of the bullet.

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In 1973 and for many years previously, Mr Gerry Kelly had the availability of the franchise: he could vote, he could stand himself for election, but he chose instead to be a terrorist. We had the 1949 Act, which delivered the guarantee that, if a majority in the House as it then was wanted a united Ireland, Northern Ireland would cease to be part of the United Kingdom. We had the 1973 Act, which gave that directly to the people of Northern Ireland in referendum.

So do not come to the House and say that you had no choice. You had the choice of democracy or the choice of terrorism, and you chose the path of terrorism. You are no different from those who today still choose and tread that path.

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Of course, Mr Kelly, Pontius Pilate-like, then tries to wash his hands of today’s terrorism. In discussing Castlederg, he told ‘The Nolan Show’ that he stood over what he did as the only way to change the situation. Asked whether it was worth it, he said:
“Would I make the same decision again? Yes.”

Gerry Kelly was saying to the listening public, “Would I kill again at the Old Bailey? Yes. Would I shoot an innocent prison officer in the head? Yes.”

He then expects young, easily influenced people who today have the same inclination to see some great distinction between the terror of Kelly and the terror of the so-called dissidents. There is no distinction. The godfathers of yesteryear are still responsible for breeding, sustaining, encouraging and inducing the terror of today.

Those who coat-tailed through Castlederg were showing just how committed they are to that terrorist path. The only good thing about Castlederg and the only one thing to celebrate is that, if anyone had to die that day, it was the victim-makers rather than innocent victims