Aceh – Young Party-Goers Bash Shariah Goon!

Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]  “It was also a ‘sex party’ because men and women who were not related were mixing!”


Scores of young people vandalized a shariah police office and injured a religious police officer in the early hours of Tuesday morning after the Islamic authority broke up a gathering in Langsa, a religious official said. “Around 1 a.m., one Wilayatul Hisbah [shariah police] team of 12 conducted an operation…because a ‘drinking party’ was said to be going on.” 

Thus spake Ibrahim Latif,  llocal shariah goon-squad boss. 

“It was also a ‘sex party’ because men and women who were not related were mixing.”

The dumb bigot bullies grabbed and cuffed three guys and a gal, and that’s when they caught the blow-back to their repressive antics.

You can read the whole story in this Jakarta Globe link, but the imbecility of shariah law in Aceh is encapsulated in our top quote.

It seems some at least of the younger generation in that benighted province are showing a healthy distaste for the gloom imposed on them. The JG also notes this partying in Langsa has been a regular occurrence, and that similar spirited resistance has occurred up there already this year, in another, nearby, village.


Jackboot    “I am not afraid of enforcing the Islamic shariah, even though I will face resistance,” he said.


One must hope the response from the people is –  BE AFRAID – BE VERY AFRAID!