“If You’re Serious About Your Faith, Get To the Back of the Queue!”

The provincial government allocated Rp 15 million ($1,245) per house and planned to complete construction by early next year, Soekarwo said. The displaced residents will be returned in three stages, structured as to their reported allegiance to their religion, he said.


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This bare-faced pandering to sectarian bigotry is breath-taking. The speaker, Soekarwo, is Governor of East Java, a province that has long since abandoned all pretence of religious tolerance, the peaceful Ahmadi minority effectively outlawed.

But this latest disgraceful announcement is aimed at the Shia Muslim minority, hounded from their homes last year by vicious Sunni mobs.

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  • Exactly what sort of inquisition body will determine which refugees are ‘serious’ about their religion? Who’s going to determine their strength of loyalty to their faith? The MUI, the state-sponsored and funded body of self-styled ‘scholars?’

Their record of intolerance is bad enough nationally but at the East Java Provincial level it’s downright rancid.  their boss-man there being the unspeakable Buchori.


KH-Abdusshomad-Buchori-Ketua-MUI-Jatim  …the Shia should be prohibited from developing in East Java. “I agree it be disbanded, because it can trigger events that interfere with the safety and comfort in East Java,” he said.

  1. htttp://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/top-islamist-scholar-oslo-is-in-sweden/
Trigger events?
Maybe if some ‘scholars’ stopped their outlandish shrilling, their flock might grow out of the primitive tantrum mentality whenever they see other people worshipping in ways different from their own.

The extract at the top of the page comes from a Jakarta Globe report, which covers President SBY’s failure to keep his promise that the refugees would be home by the end of Ramadan this year, which has long since passed.

To rub salt in the wounds of the victims, SBY apparently held court at a meeting called to resolve the issues, but to which no Shia were even invited! Worse, the ‘Religious Affairs’ Minister, Suryadharma Ali, was there, and we all know his concept of tolerance.


“There’s no problem between Islam and Christianity, between Hindu and Buddhism.

They [Shiites] call themselves Muslim, but it’s a different Islam, and it creates conflict.

So [religious] freedom should be limited by regulation, and it should not be violated,”

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  • We often refer to him as ‘Apostasy Ali’ – due to his overt delight in witnessing Ahmadis renounce their creed. And his shameful intolerance towards the Shia deserves another reminder here.
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  • But Ali is a known quantity.
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  • What is a mystery is what does the President really think about his Shia countrymen.
  • I leave the summing-up to some decent Indonesian Muslims, the Anti-Discrimination Islamic Network (JIAD), who criticized Yudhoyono’s reluctance to involve Shiite Muslims in the process in an open letter addressed to the president.
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  • “Mr. President, in our opinion, your meeting with all stakeholders of Shia case in Sampang without the refugees is a show of arrogance and violation to the principals of inclusiveness and impartiality in conflict resolution,” wrote Aan Anshori, a coordinator with JIAD. “A righteous leader should ensure the fair treatment of Shiites in the dialogue meant to return the displaced Shiites [to their homes].”
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