Scarfing Indonesian Cops – Boo, Hoo, Hoo…’Hurt Feelings’ Again!

While we can enjoy a decent debate on Islamist issues, there’s nothing quite so nauseating as the tendency amongst some sectarians to whine about how anyone who dissents from their backward agenda ‘hurts their feelings.

  • I suppose that gutless galah last week who called me a moron and urged me to die, from behind his pseudonym of course, was out to hurt my feelings, but after careful consideration, for about two nano-seconds, I opted not to collapse into hysterical sobbing, but instead to publish, exposing him for the liar he was, phoney ID as usual.
  • Now we have an Islamist bleating about how a telegram has hurt the feelings of Muslims!

That’s another thing, the way they don’t actually say ‘this Muslim,’ or ‘some Muslims,’ instead using the term Umat, as if said bleater speaks for ALL Muslims, which he assuredly does not.

Lots of decent normal Muslims want nothing to do with the shariah-freak element. Just look round the minibus when you go to work, see how many local ladies wear, or rather don’t wear, head-scarfs. There’s NOTHING that says they must, just injunctions to be modest. So I’m told by Muslim friends.


Anyway, the latest nonsense concerns a so-called ‘Secret Telegram’ allegedly issued from Police Headquarters that contains calls for policewomen not to use the veil for duty before the standard formula is  assessed.

I’ve not the faintest idea if the telegram is official or advisory or what, but it just might make a bit of sense if the newly authorised scarfing is done in an orderly way, regulated designs and colours etc. set forth in the rule-book.



The ‘Secret Telegram’
  • “Now that the Secret Telegram published has had policewomen stripped of the veil under various pretexts , ( it ) really really hurt the feelings of Muslims.”  This whining spouts forth from somebody described as a young Muhammadiyah activist named Musthofa B. Nahrawardaya, according to

And his rich vein of humour becomes even juicier as he rambles on…

….the Police Chief is allegedly under pressure by intolerant groups who want to divide the unity of Muslims , especially the policewomen…“I hope the police chief is not easily controlled by intolerant groups aimed at dividing people,” he said.

For this Musthofa even to use the term ‘intolerant groups‘ is risible, for while there may be some intolerant people in other religions, the largest, most visible and most intolerant groups active in Indonesia are the IslamoNazi FPI, their pals the FUI, Hizbut Tahrir, MMI…plenty more, and I’ve not even started on the outlawed terror gangs.

But those listed above have one thing in common – they’re Islamist. If Musthofa wants to tackle intolerance, he should campaign against them. And briefly it almost sounds like he might.

Addressing the intolerance efforts, Musthofa sees a need for Muslims across Indonesia to act.

Yes indeed, Musthofa – act to cleanse the good name of your creed from the violent criminality of the FPI, from the democracy-hating Hizbut…yes?


“The Police are the guardian and protector and servant of the people. If the police are no longer respected as a patron and protector and servant of the people, to whom will Muslims complain, ” he said .

Complain about WHAT!

For God’s sake, hurt feelings are part of a process called growing up!

Slings and arrows, sticks and stones, you get them hurled at you all the time and you can answer them in kind or shrug them off – just don’t stamp your little feet and run about crying.

Perhaps a bit less complaining might give us all a break!