Toddler Tortured to Death in Oz – Yet Capital Punishment Remains Un-Restored

What should be done with a thing like this?


Accused child killer Warren Ross has been found guilty of murdering toddler Tanilla Warrick-Deaves.

Warren Ross


…30-year-old Warren Ross was found guilty of murdering the toddler after subjecting her to prolonged abuse akin to torture….Ross viciously abused the child for weeks before her death while her mother, Donna Deaves, did nothing to stop it…He forced her to run countless laps until she dropped, hit her and whipped her with various implements including an electric cord and his belt, and deliberately dropped a heavy tool box on her tiny hand.



Several witnesses described hearing Tanilla’s agonising screams as she was punished, while Deaves did little more than occasionally tell Ross to stop.

Well, we all know what the European Union thinks should be done with a thing like that – save him, if there were the slightest threat of the death penalty he so clearly and richly deserves.

That’s why the Foreign and Commonwealth Office flunkeys here in Jakarta scuttle to and fro telling Indonesia they mustn’t execute terrorists and rapist-murderers.


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  • Unfortunately, Australia too has yet to restore capital punishment, so the very worst he has to look forward to is three squares a day at tax-payers’ expense for ten or fifteen or maybe twenty years, until a parole hearing before a panel of twits lets him loose.

The trouble is that even if proper penalties were available, Australia, like so many Western countries, has  judges who need to be fired and replaced with men and women who can show they care about justice.

An ‘obsessed’ would-be rapist who broke into a woman’s home wearing a Scream mask, carrying a ‘rape kit’ has walked free from jail after serving 13 months.

Huh? He was SENTENCED to a mere three and a half years, but at least that would have been something. But no, Judge Julie Ryrie granted him immediate release because he had already spent 13 months in pre-sentence custody.

Fortunately, the Queensland State Attorney General understands the difference between right and wrong and is looking at how he can appeal this nonsensical release. The criminal, Jeremy Scott Martin, pled guilty to
assault with intent to rape, burglary and sexual assault while armed, among other charges. The maximum penalties would have kept the public safe for 14 years.