Have a Care, Haass – Don’t Equate IRA Scum With Patriot Police

Another useful news item in Conservative Home http://www.conservativehome.com/thecolumnists/2013/11/from-hch_hill-ex-ruc-demand-haass-not-to-draw-moral-equivalence-between-police-officers-and-criminals.html which tells us that the veterans of the front-line in the fight against Sinn Fein/IRA terror are alert to that arrogant sticky-beak Haass and his attempts to undermine what was in any case a dubious deal.

The Northern Ireland Retired Police Officers Association quite rightly asserts Cameron’s concessions – not only his, but he’s done nothing to remedy his predecessors’ appeasement – have only worked to “to facilitate, often at public expense, a continual campaign of baseless denigration of the members of the RUC George Cross and the PSNI.”




The RUC paid a terrible price and were kicked in the teeth for their sacrifices, abolished to placate the hate-gang led by Beast of Belfast Adams and his fellow-terrorist McGuinness.

Now the veterans of that struggle against treason are concerned to refute the Republican lie that the so-called Troubles were a conflict between two morally equivalent sides, rather than a conflict between the rule of law and terrorism, which they fear may affect Haass’ view of Northern Ireland’s past.

My own fear is that Haass has long since formed a view, similar to that unlamented girl-drowner Teddy Kennedy’s – he regarded the British population of Ulster as colonists, while he himself sat on acres of Boston land that were colonised from hapless Indians around the same time as the Ulster Plantation was taking place.


Similar also to Obama’s hatred of the principle of self-determination, expressed in his lackeys’ usage of the Argie word Malvinas to describe the Falklands, despite the people there voting by over 95% to stay British.

ted kennedy Unlamented louse

If Haass were anything but anti-Ulster, he’d not have gone to Dublin to engage in closed-door wheeling and dealing with the Eire Minister of Foreign Affairs this past week.

One thing won’t be on Dublin’s wish-list. The restoration of the RUC. But every loyal Ulsterman and Ulsterwoman would thrill with pride were that to be.

Dublin does Sinn Fein’s bidding, has done at least since that famous photo was taken of the hypocrite Hume with the bearded Beast of Belfast, Gerry Adams, Eire’s then Prime Minister, between them, gloating at the thought of London’s betrayal of loyal UK citizens.
Because the RUC were such an effective force, they had to go – hell, Eire’s Garda police were even colluding with IRA murder of RUC officers – so they were abolished, just like the equally effective B Specials, who knew where to hunt for disloyal scum and what to do with them when they were caught, had already been removed from the arsenal of Ulster’s defences.