Islamist Oaf (And School-Boss) Abuses Police, Gets Let Go – Why?

Once again serious questions arise over police impartiality in Indonesia, an abusive oaf in Islamic gear allowed to ride on despite his failure to comply with the law on wearing a helmet.

Of course many people here ignore bike safety regs, and the cops don’t have time to chase after all of them, but this obnoxious creep was caught in  a road safety operation specifically aimed at nabbing such offenders.


sorban Cop and Lout, in Karawang, West Java


  • See for yourself the antics of this frothing fanatic on the video here.  Naturally he’s ranting in Indonesian, but it’s impossible not to get the jihadist gist of this sectarian buffoon’s hysterical hollering.

Sample –  “I’ve never worn a helmet…You have me because you take me for a terrorist. Now I challenge you….Ya Allah, were you not Muslims, I’d hurl a bomb at you.”

You can also check this Jakarta Post link for their version of what occurred, which contains a very disturbing assertion. A police officer tried to calm him down given his Muslim outfit and status but instead he became angrier and directed harsher words at the traffic police.

What ‘status’ – he’s an unkempt arrogant ratbag, who should have been arrested on the spot for threatening behaviour, or what the law here terms ‘unpleasant conduct.

Instead he was allowed to drive on. But according to this other link, the scruffy oaf didn’t even have a license! AND he is known to run a ‘religious school!’


Karawang AKBP Tubagus Ade Hidayat Karawang Police Chief Hidayat


Perhaps due to the blatant disrespect shown to the constabulary, or thanks to the video, which has got the attention of some sections of the local media, the cops are now saying they’ll track him down via his license plate. Karawang Police Chief Hidayat says he’s sure the lout was ticketed but that the officer on the scene acted with restraint to ensure nothing undesirable occurred!

What is surely desirable is that police handle everyone equally. Nobody, ESPECIALLY NOT arrogant swine like the star of the video, should be handled differently – imagine if some teen in a leather jacket had abused the police like that?

He’d have been hauled off sharpish – and roughly!

Operation Zebra, by the way, took place in West Java?