Cry-Baby Islamist Wannabe – “Religious Harmony? Eliminate Destructive Religions!”

Remember that pathetic display from Rhoma Irama, the cry-baby crooner?

 Back when Jakarta was electing its new governor, the bigot balladeer went off on a sectarian rant against Jokowi’s Christian running-mate, Ahok,  a load of guff about how Muslims cannot vote for a non-Muslim.  ‘Guff’ turned out to be not only my description, because, although Jakarta is 90% Muslim, the dynamic duo won a clear victory, which just goes to show that Ranting Rhoma speaks only for a minority of benighted bone-heads.


  • rhoma irama_0weeps Cry-Baby Rhoma
  • When cautioned for his nasty nattering, the ‘King of Dangdut’ (he is, it’s true, a good singer) began to sob in public, something of a laughing-stock – except, again, to the bone-heads who share his fanaticism.


ahmadiyah2 Ahmadi martyr at Cikeusik, February 6th 2011


But nothing much to laugh about in his latest hateful diatribe against one of the most peaceful and inoffensive groups in the entirety of Indonesia, the Ahmadiyah Muslim minority, who have suffered terrible persecution, up to and including murder, at the hands of intolerant Islamists.


Nor should we expect any commitment to Indonesia’s tradition of religious pluralism, of course, from a fan of the IslamoNazi thug gang, the FPI!

” As for religious harmony,  eliminate religions that are destructive , ” said Rhoma after a press conference held at the Sari Pan Pacific Hotel , Central Jakarta, Thursday ( 5th December )




The black-shirted Rhoma  revealed that dissolution is not only considered applicable to the Ahmadiyya alone. He also plans to implement similar plans on other schools of thought he considers heretical.
” Those are the areas of responsibility specific to a president – if the clerics issue a fatwa, the government executes it, ” he said.

So who else might qualify for elimination? He didn’t say, but another bigoted Islamist may have given us a clue. Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali aka Apostasy Ali, for his fondness for observing Ahmadis ‘converting’ to his version of Divine Truth, hit the headlines on the Shia minority’s status a while ago. 


ali heretical


And as for the ‘scholars’ – just put MUI into the search-box and see how many harmless little groups have come under ‘scholastic’ fire in recent years.


  • The good news is that he doesn’t stand a snow-ball’s chance in Hell of winning the election next year.

Most Indonesians are normal people with a conscience. They may well enjoy his music – what would be repugnant to their sense of common humanity is the singer, not the  songs.